When a community needs a new structure in today’s economy, it’s easy to come up with at  least three reasons steel municipal buildings are so popular of an option. From the affordability of new construction and long-term maintenance to the attractiveness inherent in today’s professional designs, governments would do well to invest in these simple structures that are easy to adjust to the needs of tomorrow. Consider the following when gathering quotes for new fire stations, police stations or other city structures:

Short- and Long-term Affordability

Pre-engineered municipal steel buildings present an immediate savings over traditional construction. Not only are materials more affordable, but it takes less time and labor to put them together. Because materials are made of steel and not a less sturdy material, you lose fewer supplies to damage and manufacturer defects. Steel components are extremely durable and withstand a great deal of abuse.

Once completed, your steel municipal building will require far less maintenance and will be more energy efficient. This, combined with the low cost of insurance that is typical for steel construction, creates a pathway to long-term savings. They really do provide the total package when considering your city’s bottom line.


Steel municipal buildings are used throughout the United States as public shelters against nature’s worst weather. This sturdy material can be constructed in a way that provides adequate protection against the strong wind and rain yet is still flexible enough to navigate the twists and turns of earthquakes without falling apart. The same cannot be said for all forms of traditional construction.

These sensible metal buildings also resist the effects of mildew and mold, rot, pests and stave off rust with the right preventions in place. It’s safe to say they provide the most potential for pleasing, classic design and long-term protections against hefty repairs of any today’s other construction materials or methods.


Local and state governments have embraced the importance of sustainability. Not only does cutting waste and energy use tend to lower expenses across the board, it reduces the wear and tear we place on our natural resources. Seeing the powers that be investing in green initiatives motivates communities to follow suit. It’s essential that metal government buildings are touted as green options, and that citizens are educated on the environmental benefits.

For instance, building with steel prevents much of the waste created by traditional construction. This benefit holds true both in the factories where pre-fab constructions are designed and on-site while these elements are pieced together. Steel is also highly recyclable. At the end of your new construction’s life, it will likely be scrapped and remolded versus dumped in a landfill.

While there are a numerous reasons to make the leap toward today’s metal construction, these are just 3 reasons steel municipal buildings are so popular. Be sure to consider these benefits before starting your next community project. The convenience, safety and savings – both in resources and in dollars – are well worth the investment.