A Guide to the 6 Really Important Features of Your Hotel Room

Have you forgotten what you really wanted in your room when you are looking at all those hotel and paid accommodation websites? Are all those offers and special deals distracting you from what you really need? Here is a reminder of what is really important in a hotel room.

It is easy to get a little lost when looking for accommodation and hotel rooms. The only way to get a good deal is to be a long-standing customer of a particular hotel chain, or to spend some time online, and search through the ocean of offers that will be jumping out at you. I was on a video call with a friend recently who was looking for a hotel for the weekend. My friend as his partner were struggling with the number of websites, and the huge amount of offers available. When my friend was telling his partner about each room, and why this one would be any good, I noticed something that was particularly odd. We all get a little overwhelmed with the actual offers, and lose focus on what we want. My friend was telling his partner, “this one has a free newspaper in the morning”. Would we normally care about  getting a free two dollar newspaper? The answer is obviously “no”. I travel a lot, and all of this prompted me to write this article. Don’t get lost in the melee of deals you will be bombarded by, look at what you really need out of a hotel room.

What you really need out of a hotel room:

  • Bed. One of the main reasons you are getting a hotel room is because you need a place to stay. The majority of any hotel room space is taken up by the size of the bed. This is where you will be spending the most of your time. You want a good quality bed, which is as big as possible, and one that is kept extremely clean – and that means kept clean of bed mites. That is such a nasty topic to even think about.
  • Bathroom. Having a shower or bath after you enter your room, will influence the way you feel for the rest of the night. Your shower in the morning will influence the rest of your day. You want good clean water, plenty of it, and you want it in a bathroom that puts you in the right mood. You want good products that leave you clean and smelling great.
  • TV. While the TV is not always the essential to your everyday life, when you are staying in a hotel room, you probably want some form of distraction. Most of us have many channels to choose from in our own home, and so if we are staying in a hotel, we want access to cable and as many channels as possible. And why should it be a selling point they have a ‘flat-screen TV’. Aren’t those things already the norm? We want the biggest TV possible and we want it in HD.
  • Solid Walls. A hotel room is all about privacy. And that means privacy from the antics in the rooms all around us. Who wants to hear what others are up to, and who wants others to hear what you are doing from your room? There should be a wall thickness rating on every hotel website. In the best hotels, your room feels like it has been sound-proofed.
  • Cleanliness. While this goes without saying, why is it, we find grime and muck in the most amazing places in some hotel rooms? We want our room so clean we could eat our dinner off any part of it.
  • Temperature Management. Have you even been in a hotel room where it is like you are on the North Pole below your knees while your head feels like it is in the Sahara Desert? Good air conditioning systems that have been installed properly will give the room a comfortable temperature at all levels and all locations in the room. I have even slept in one hotel room with a partner, where her side of the bed felt 10 degrees lower than mine – and that was not a joke.

Will a free newspaper in the morning change your experience? Will a free fruit bowl make your day? No, they will not. Focus on what you really need when you are looking for the hotel of your choice. For those looking for the next best hotel and accommodation website, this article should have given you an idea. Where is the website that grades hotels on what we really need, instead of just giving us another repeat on all those marketing ploys?

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