How Toll Free Numbers Work : A Brief Description

Business owners have started realizing the significance of advertising and promotion along with customer satisfaction. Toll Free Numbers are popular means to achieve all of this with minimum investment. Numbers beginning with 1800, 800, 877, 888, 0845 etc. come in the category of free phone numbers. This is a great way to stay in regular touch with your customers, for which they do not have to pay any call charge. The cost of the call is incurred by the business, thereby giving an open opportunity to your customers to call you anytime they want.

However, these are not only used for customer satisfaction and staying in touch with them. You can use your toll-free number for advertising as well. You can buy different numbers for each advertisement and see which one is doing better. This will also allow you to track the sources through which maximum profit is coming. By tracking calls, you can tell easily which ads are bringing the most customers. The cost of 0845 numbers isn’t much as compared to the benefits and features they provide.

How Do Toll Free Numbers Work

If you are considering to buy a Toll free number for your business, then it is very important to know how it works. Knowing the functions and features well will help you to make better use of your small investment. We all know that since a toll free number provides free of cost accessibility to customers, the flow of traffic would substantially increase. Therefore, free phone numbers have extensions connected to bear the load of calls, otherwise customers will clog your line and will have to wait for a long time. These extensions perform the function of distributing the call to different stations evenly.

However, Setting up the extensions solely depends upon your requirement and usage. For instance, if you are installing a toll free number for customer service, then you will need a well dispersed system which is able to distribute calls evenly. On the other hand,  if you set up your number to access different departments of your office, you simply have to activate the dial-by-name directory to help your caller reach the particular department or person he wants to talk to.

Toll free numbers charge for each call that is connected. To prevent yourself from high charges, you can look for significant monthly saving plans for your toll free number. Some companies provide the facility where you will be charged only for excess minutes, saving a lot of your hard earned money.

Features of Toll Free Numbers

It is very important to look for below mentioned reasons in order to get maximum benefits from your investment.

  • Call forwarding : Since the flow of calls will usually increase with free phone numbers, it would not be possible to attend all calls at one point of time as it would result in clogging. To prevent such  hassles, you will need to a hire routing system that will evenly distribute calls to customer service representatives.
  • Call waiting : Call waiting is however not required, but in case all the representatives are busy, you will need to fix a system to accommodate pending calls. This will help you to lose any prospective customer, since customers usually prefer to wait for the call to get connected rather than disconnecting and redialling. You may use your company’s music or advertising messages, giving you a customized way of communicating with your potential market.
  • Voice mail: Unanswered calls can be directed to voicemail so that you know the reason why a person called. You can arrange a call back in in case it is necessary. Voicemail messages will be directly sent to your email address which can be accessed online.
  • Call blocking : Usually, a toll free number receives more calls than non-toll free numbers. To prevent unwanted callers from reaching your number and incurring unnecessary cost of 0845 numbers, you can use call blocking facility. You can block a series of numbers altogether in one go.

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