best and worst places to live in uk

This south west city has relatively low crime rates and most residents feel that the city is still as welcoming, friendly and safe as it's been for a while. Not only is the cost of living in the UK significantly cheaper outside the capital, but you’ll also be much closer to all that sumptuous British countryside. The best and worst places to live in the UK revealed Posted on Nov 26, 2019 New analysis of over 1,000,000 job vacancies alongside rental prices, house prices and population figures, has crowned Aberdeen as the best place to live in the UK. top 10 best places to live in the UK based on Adzuna’s ranking factors, Chav central. Cleveland, Greater Manchester, Humberside and Lancashire complete the top five of the worst affected areas by crime, according to the official stats. 2. Tell us in the Comments box below. If you’re looking to make the move, here’s our pick of the best places to live in Norfolk, and the sort of thing you can expect to find. I have visited many other ‘Chavtowns’ across kent like lewisham dartford chatham and so on And not one so far has even came near to being as chav infested as Gravesend. 7. The Heathway is like being in Lagos or Tirana. Fantastic beaches, great water-front restaurant and cafes, and a safe environment to raise kids. Definitely agree. Middlesbroughs crime is one of the highest in the country even though a large part of Middlesbrough (East Middlesbrough) is not under the middlesbrough council jurisdiction, East Middlesbrough has a population of around 50,000 but is not included in middlesbroughs population and neither is it a part of middlesbroughs crime statistics. This is one chav/chavette infested hole that needs to be added to your archive, located on the outskirts of Nottingham it features all the local amenities that are important to a chav (McDonalds, plenty of shops to “teef” from, a video shop to “hang out” at…. According “However, we know that finding the best place to live for your needs isn’t always about where you can earn the most money. var rcel = document.createElement("script"); The research carried out by job search engine Adzuna, ranks UK cities based on the number of jobs per person, average salary, rental prices and house prices. Bradford, Yorkshire and the Humber iLiveHere uses cookies to serve you lovely personalised ads, you have to be cool with that: Read: “Nothing in the world can prepare you for Halifax”. 14. Awful place, went to a concert- ended up in a town centre dump.. awake all night with shouting & screaming, It is in West Yorkshire, what can You expect, Nothing to do, just buy a train ticket to Manchester, Full of absolute dick heads like owen pots. rcds.appendChild(rcel); GOOO LUUUTTTOONN! 8. Proper gang badgers round there and so is hyde in tameside that is worse. No culture. The dad, usually called Gareth is 21, owns a clapped out A reg nova, with a super fat exhaust (noisy) & has just returned from a stint “inside” for “teefing” from the aforementioned shops…. Some suburbs of Birmingham are very nice, for example Edgbaston and Moseley and the city is most certainly improving. It's a great place to live in, all the people in the town are very nice apart from some racist white people and some cracked black people and some strange brown people. Let us know in the comments and check out the extensive top 10 list over on I Live Here, here. Half of last year’s towns failed to get in the top 10, making way for some new dirt holes. Quite happy not to see birmingham on this list considering its reputation. 2. No charm. Are you satisfied with the list or are towns missing? Don’t worry if you've never heard of this fair city, the only reason it ever makes the news is that it’s the only city where the BNP made significant gains and the football hooligans are legendary. Full of inbreds, dark, concrete jungle with no atmosphere. If your ever lucky enough to visit stay away from the mountain bikers as they may spit on you but then ask for you to go into the shops for them...£1 drinks at the ex servicements club ;) expect a few surprises on the way. Meaning that almost the whole town needed to be rebuilt. If that wasn’t bad enough, its only other claim to fame is Ed Sheeran was born there. Harpurhey – You don’t have to smoke spice to live here, b... Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do... Purfleet, Essex: home to *****, druggies and jobless layabouts... East Grinstead: a nothing town filled with horrible people... Withington, Manchester – The area that we all just gave up on... Royton, Oldham: A Chubby Chaser’s pay dirt. analysis of over 1,000,000 job vacancies alongside rental prices, house prices However, with average house Download 'All I Want For Christmas' on iTunes, 23 July 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 15:49.

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