best and worst places to live in uk

10. 3. Bristol — 7.38. Been poor since the 1950s below sea level terrible housing, lowest life span, they brought in a housing association to build housing and the fools built more wooden houses! There are some good parts of the city, but on the whole it is very poor and run down as well as extremely depressing at times. Unless you were living under a rock in 2019, you'd have seen I Live Here's list of the top 10 worst places to live in 2019, as voted by the British population. Download 'All I Want For Christmas' on iTunes, 23 July 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 15:49. Most of it is ruined by chavs. Gravesend, Otherwise known as the armpit of kent. Central Valleys, West Wales and The Valleys Inverclyde, Scotland, 1. vacancies and just over 3,000 unemployed residents. Where do you think the best place is to live in the UK? Thanks GOOO LUUUTTTOONN! On top of that a council that actively encourages radical islamic preachers to play the call to prayer each day outside waterstones bookshop as well as the apple store.Once again it's the labour party keeping things in check by allowing the city to deteriorate even further perception wise rather than standing up to the criminals and preachers through fear of losing their voting blocks ( the inner city area is full of third world islamic bottom feeders from Pakistan and somalia who all vote in line with their welfare requirements hence labour ) then you have the more indigenous brummies chavs who are all either unemployed, covered in tatoos or on drugs ...more, Very bad place full of scum, my uncle got mugged over 10 times in a week -. North Lanarkshire, Scotland and population figures, has crowned Aberdeen as the best place to live in the According to the latest study, it’s Edinburgh. Mariah Carey I therefore believe that other bad areas of London should be ahead of this town. To top it all, the area suffers from crowded primary schools and just 44% of pupils achieved five GCSEs at A-C grades, at Key Stage 4. With its cathedrals — one Catholic, one Church of England — Norman castle, hidden Plantation Garden and popular open-air market, there’s an awful lot going on in Norwich. var rcel = document.createElement("script"); There are worse places in London than Hackney, Harlesden Lewisham Peckham or Edmonton for example, Lived there for 35 years and would never go back, they might of spent money doing up houses on the canal but they hide the scummy council houses and flats behind them, you can’t change Hackney no matter how much money you put in. Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season", Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Dirty, unfriendly place to live. Where do you think is the best place to live in the UK? Sunderland �" the chav capital of the world! In addition, the city is one that is quite good for shopping and with many regeneration schemes, that could soon make the city as prosperous as London. Luckily I only have to drive though on my way home but this is plenty on time to be gawked at by all kinds of inbred morons, covered in cheap clothing purchased from local flea markets & more gold then Mr T. I have NEVER seen an area so densely populated with 14 year old chavettes with one scruffy, dirty looking child in pram & “one on the way”…. If your wearing more than PJs your over dressed. Being stereotyped as a ‘Goth’ Or ‘Emo’ it kinda sucks for my people down here. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, The best and worst places to live in the UK revealed. The Scottish capital came top in the Quality of Life Index from thanks to its low crime rates, affordable living costs and high salaries. New 8. From the year 2000 to 2010 I read Middlesbrough had the highest crime rate in the country for 6 years in that decade! And don't waste your time reporting anything to Devon and Cornwall police, no matter how serious the crime, they do not want to know.Repeatedly harrassed by teenage boys, who think it is amusing to target middle aged women on their own by shouting in your face as they pass, crowding around you so you can't get passed or riding their bikes directly at you. The best and worst places to live in the UK revealed Posted on Nov 26, 2019 New analysis of over 1,000,000 job vacancies alongside rental prices, house prices and population figures, has crowned Aberdeen as the best place to live in the UK. Edinburgh’s meteoric rise to the top, jumping 97 places since the last Quality of Life Index in 2013 – and knocking Solihull off its perch in the process – is also due to its cheap petrol and energy bills, high average salaries of £29,588 and disposable household income of £20,083. According to the Quality of Life Index, these are the 10 best and worst places to live in the UK. There are even some historic parts of the city that could potentially, though this may sound absurd, attract a high level of tourists. 10. Previous winners and favourites like Dover, Blackpool (despite being England’s most deprived town) … City for life. Aberdeen. There isn't a lot that can be written about croydon that hasn't already. Peterborough; Doncaster ; Huddersfield ; Rochdale; Rotherham; Nottingham; Keighley; Wakefield; Stoke-on-Trent; Halifax Definitely the worst. The dad, usually called Gareth is 21, owns a clapped out A reg nova, with a super fat exhaust (noisy) & has just returned from a stint “inside” for “teefing” from the aforementioned shops…. Dagenham is absolutely appalling. East of Northern Ireland come 3 o'clock on a weekday the place turns into a zoo, with every wanna be rude boy, chav, chavette and bhangra boy trying their best to be as loud, obnoxious and aggravating as possible.

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