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Do you love feeling like your tongue is melting and your tears are on fire? Is there something I'm overlooking? $13.99 $ 13. Lindt Holiday Milk Chocolate Figures Novelty Pack, Great for Holiday Gifting, 7.1 Ounce. Or at least, that was the plan. Jul 9, 2014 - Do you love chocolate? Here are a few videos you might enjoy, or regret. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Shop online worldwide "Instant Regret Chocolate" by Firebox in the US? Any ETA on when/where I might find a US supplier? We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Posted by. If someone does something which only has bad consequences minutes or hours later, it is not considered instant. WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING This chocolate bar is some hot stuff!! They are capable of regret, but we don't want to see videos where their regret is the fault of humans, involves cruelty, injury or is in any way unpleasant. Do you love chilli? It's up to you. 4.4 out of 5 stars 509. 1. Archived "Instant Regret Chocolate" by Firebox in the US? Select Your Cookie Preferences. *** Get ready to feed your spicy side—but be careful! Within this unassuming and sleek black packaging lies the supremely hot delicacy you've been waiting for – Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate. 2) Regret must be instant or near-instant. Holiday-Themed Lollipops (12 Pack) Great for Christmas Goody Bag Fillers or Christmas Stocking Stuffers. 99 ($1.17/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. The extract has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of nine million; that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeno! 2 years ago. So after reading up on this candy bar, I'm dying to get some. Any hotter is just pure pain for longer, the burn is … Close. Other options New from $18.99. u/fuckingchris. We love animals. 4.4 out of 5 stars 482. Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate Lollipops: shop online for Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate Lollipops on International Shops Online. 3) No Animal Abuse. 1 million scovilles is all the tongue can detect! The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar is made with the same “hellfire” chili extract used in the outrageously spicy Burn or Bliss Chocolate candy wager game and Toe of Satan lollipop. Infused with chilli extract measuring 1.5 million Scoville units, this bar sure packs a mighty punch. $19.90 $ 19. Within this unassuming and sleek black Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate at We extracted the capsaicin (the hot bit) from the hottest chillies available, the resulting infusion burns like a thousand suns, and then we made delicious milk chocolate with it. Problem is, I live in Florida, and I can't even find anywhere willing to ship some here! Overview *** New Packaging, Same Hellish Heat! 90 ($0.16/Ounce) FREE Shipping.

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