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The American Library Association's International Relations Round Table Papers and Projects Committee invites proposals for presentations to be made at the next ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL, USA. Open Calls for Submission (13), Upcoming Events (117) Librarians have long been interested in resource-sharing and collection enhancement on a worldwide basis. Second, we wish to consider the knowledge generated, as well as that to come, as a result of greater diversity in the association’s membership. CSS Papers International Relations 2020. Safirotu Khoir, Librarian, Gadjah Mada University We encourage panels that take stock of progress (or the lack thereof) to date, those that stimulate bridge building, and those that leverage unique perspectives on traditional as well as emerging topics. Library of Congress Insights blog; ... (selected papers from RO-MAN 2020) ... Complex interplay of COVID-19, politics, international relations and the relevant social, cultural, political-economic questions. Open Calls for Submission (37), Upcoming Events (191) How can ISA address issues related to ethnic and racial diversity in international relations in a concrete and practical way. Description: Because Libraries reach a large cross-section of the public, they are in a unique position to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the promotion of sustainable environments, social justice, and quality education. Q. Library services for indigenous societies in Latin America Experiences and lessons by  Edgardo CivalleroPublic Libraries Improving Public Participation and Democracy by Anders Ericson Concept Developer NorwayStrengthening Innovative Library Leaders by Susan Schnuer and Rebecca McGuire Mortenson Center for International Library ProgramsIt’s More Than Just Saris & Samosas  by Sarala Uttangi Manager, Diversity and Adult Services Brampton Library. Lisbeth Bryhl and Dorte Rugtved, Denmark, Quezon City Public Library: Innovative Outreach Efforts to Multiple Community Stakeholders E-books and e-readers are revolutionizing reading and libraries the world over. Fifth, do identities map onto theoretical, methodological, ontological, and epistemological positions? Open Calls for Submission (112), Upcoming Events (247) 2020 Call for IRRT Papers and Projects session. Call For Papers . Specific limitations, restrictions and/or creative solutions implemented by librarians were also of interest. The program also serves to stimulate the interest of U.S. librarians in international library matters. Mak, Catalog and Metadata Librarian; Stephanie Parentesis, Library Instruction Coordinator, The 2008 International Papers Program theme was "Re-Assess, Reassign, and Reinvent: Collection Building Without Global Borders." Call for Papers-International Conference on Managing Business Continuity & Change in Post Covid 19 Era Call for Papers Invited for SCO -Young Scientist Conclave 2020 Call for papers for IIM Kozhikode Doctoral Symposium 2020 The Polytechnic Ibadan Denton, TX 76203, Ms. Mary Kathryn Oberlies( Member, July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022) Open Calls for Submission (1). The Editorial Board of the Quarterly Stosunki Międzynarodowe-International Relations invites interested authors to submit their work (in the form of a scholarly article, analytical paper or review essay) within the broad scope of studies in international relations for the 2020 volume. Earl Gregg Swem Library All of these have an impact on communities, how they function, interact as well as a bearing on who gets ahead and who falls behind. XXVII, No. Presentations will be delivered at the International Papers Session scheduled in June 2020. The International Studies Association, the primary organizational home for scholars studying international relations, has undergone enormous changes as it enters its seventh decade of existence. dguerra[@] ISA lags behind other professional associations in its incorporation of practitioners in our annual conference and other activities. Description: This program featured various projects, trends and issues related to the use of emerging technologies in libraries around the world. You can read about the various types of proposals that we are accepting for the conference on our submission types page. The ManuscriptLink service platform provides scholarly publishers and societies with a powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that supports academic paper submission and review workflow service. Fourth, is the knowledge gained on these topics confined to our smaller intellectual groups, or is it shared widely? The 2020 International Papers and Projects theme is: Expanding Worldviews: How Libraries Create Awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Inspire Change. “Digital Preservation of Belize's National Collection” – Felene Swaso & Michael Bradley, “The Pacific Digital Library: Local Culture, Global Access” – Jane Barnwell & Karleen Manuel Samuel, “But Prized Elsewhere: Local History, Collection Development, and the Study of Modern Hellenism” (PDF file) – George I. Paganelis, Curator, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, University Library, California State University, Sacramento, CA. What mechanisms enable the sharing and cumulation of knowledge and which ones are left to build or dismantle toward that end? Welmin Suharto, Central Library Director, Brawijaya University The membership’s composition has changed dramatically to include an increasing number of women, scholars from the Global South, LGBTQ persons, ethnic and racial diversity, a greater mix of academic positions (graduate students, postdocs, visiting and other forms of contingent faculty, alongside traditional faculty ranks), and practitioners. To the good or ill of scholarly progress?

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