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Martin Payne: I never understood why a brother takes their lady to a club. Gina Waters Payne: That's right, "Gina!" 18 Disliked 186 1. Discover & share this Martin GIF with everyone you know. Something just clicked. I feel a lot of *nasty* love in this room! Now, I know you cannot put a price tag on love... but that sweater really set a brother back, all right? Trust me on this. Sheneneh: You don't have my permission to move up in here! Don't we get "busy" every day? Ottis: No what you gon do is move that car right now! You better watch your back! Dec 7, 2016 - Explore ☯†ιи α ωσяℓ∂†☯'s board "†♥Sheneneh Jenkins♥†" on Pinterest. Tonight is our anniversary. Take all your frets. Pamela 'Pam' James: Look what is your problem grandpa? Pam: [Pulls one of Gina's braids and it snaps back] Well, maybe if it didn't snap back so hard. Girl, the closet door done flew open and the bones done fell out! You ever have them? A poet. What are you doin' up in here? Bobbi: Thomasina's in the bathroom. 40lbs. [Martin has insulted Pam during a toast to her marriage]. Sheneneh: [after spotting Gina and Pam with a couple of moving boxes] Hey! Talking about how Redd Foxx is still alive? There's nothing wrong with my head! The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Sheneneh! Look at it! The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Gina Waters Payne: [Places bag on desk, taking out sneakers and Vaseline] And if there is one thing that I hate more than a liar, is a liar who tried to steal my man. Julie Newmar and was re-released in Europe in 1995. Martin Payne: Yo, check this out, everyone knows that Gina makes more money than me, man. I mean, what they gonna do? I can't buy nothing for $5.00, Sheneneh. Shake something! Huh? [Picks up a piece of hair. I mean damn! You know damn well what this is about! We're gonna have a secance. Martin Payne: Okay, shoot. Huh? Martin: You know I'm sensitive about my job, you didn't have to go there! Remind me to give you an ass-whoopin' tomorrow. Laquita: Oh! Valentino: That's only $5.00, Sheneneh. You didn't even invite me to the wedding! My name is Jerome. Shrink GIF images to reduce filesize for free! Yeah! Martin: Gina, I can't take it no more! [At haunted house, a howling sound is made from the background]. Myra: [after Gina gives her a regular Coke instead of a Diet one] Pooey! [Pam turns and stares at Sheneneh menacingly]. Tommy: Oh, no, she wasn't white! Cole: I'm busy at 6:43... but I'm free at 6:44 though. Pam: You better back off! Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. Gina: Wait, Sheneneh. At least he taught it was soda. Can I borrow it? Pam: [Points at her like a little kid] Martin gon' kill you. Oh, and by the way, this is your son, Cole. I never realized it until I went home. [to an approaching demon with glowing red eyes]. If your legs aren't closed, the water will find that open space, shoot through it, and splash the opposite wall. Tinkerbell, man. Is that yo car? When did you start speaking French?" [Two midgets want Tommy to step outside with them in regards to some beef]. Martin: [Rushes towards the runway] Tommy! [Pam turns to ignore him and move on], Pam: All right, I'm gonna bring the next bachelor to the stage, okay? I don't care if she's black, white, green, or whatever. 186. Love: If I was still living that foul life, I'll get Franklins, but I'm not! Choose your GIF images and compress them in seconds maintaining animation! Ha-ha. Untie my shoes? With a big see-thru 'fridgerater. She can wait for Gina if she wants to, but I can't stand to be around you for another second... Martin Payne: Girl you ain't got to wait! Quotes.net. And looking way better may I add. You don't know them like that! This has got to be jelly. You don't mess with me, looking like Colonel Abrams, you hear me? What's Hot 1 You mere mortals will never understand these surreal memes (35 Photos) 2 I’m not gonna lie this made me sad (25 Photos) 3 The most popular … overweight means baby can cook. I was eight, she was 11. Visit https://expressvpn.com/thedooo to get 3 extra months of ExpressVPN for free!Drop the video a LIKE if you enjoyed :)Get my shirts here! Martin Payne: I'm romantic. Why don't you just spit it down? Sheneneh: Well, well, lookie, lookie, I didn't know knickerbockers was back in style! Ho! Martin: Brother Man, whatcha doin' here, man? Martin Payne: [Snaps his fingers back] Yeah, you can get some to drink, Bobbi. Ottis: My problem is, girl missy pooh! Girl, the closet door done flew open and the bones done fell out! Martin: Cole! Pam: [Both prepare to scrap and Gina tries to break it up] Oh, no! Hold up. No Frauds Lyrics: M-M-Murda / I don't need no, frauds / I don't need no, drama when you call / I don't need no, fake / Soon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakes, yeah / 'Cause I don't need no Pow! Search, discover and share your favorite Woman GIFs. Cole: I'll see you in Hell, Martin! Web. Pam: [With effort] Oh Mcdonald had a farm, eey i eey i OHH! I know your name. Gina: Struck by lightning, stay away from me! Gina Waters: I'm not talking about that, Martin. Valentino: Come on, Sheneneh, let's split up this prize money so I can get out of here. Let's ease into this! You ain't got to explain nothin' to her. Martin Payne: I'm talking about wanting you , girl. What i want is for her to sing one of my songs. Some lotion? Puh-lease! Share the best GIFs now >>> I let her keep the sweater. Okay, now you listen to me. Don't you want me? Ottis: Wo wo wo wait wait. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. It is one of Tom Jones's most famous recordings. Looky, looky, looky, looky, looky! Huh? Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Gina Waters: I just thought that it would be fun to do something different, like go out. You're drunk, it's disgusting! Note: Lyrics BelowFrom Wiki: "She's a Lady" is a song written by Paul Anka and performed by Tom Jones, and released in 1971. Evelyn: [trying break-up a fight between Edna and Mattie] Now, Ladies, can't we act our age here? Gina Waters: You a rhyming man huh? Martin: [to Pam] That's right, especially you, Bride of Stankenstein! 6 months pushing wheelchairs for nothing. I’m too sexy for these GIFS By: Leo. Martin: Pam, is that your breath smellin' like boiled bologna? [Hands Sheneneh a magazine]. Martin Payne: You want to go to maybe to the hip-hop club? Sheneneh, look, I'm gonna make this as fast as possible because this is not easy for me, okay? Hot ... aka: Women yelling, confused cat, girl screaming at cat, angry woman yelling at cat at dinner table, lady screams at cat, woman pointing at cat, smudge the cat, woman yelling at a cat, crying woman, fury lady cat eating salad, cat table, cat no, … you gon move that car right now! We just trynna say we got us a man thats all. She was French! Haven't we met here before? Gina Waters: Martin, that was our one-year anniversary of our 1st date. The Price Club. Huh? Come on baby, that ain't me, I got my own thing. Shaneneh: Kid, you so crazy. Hell out of my faceville one who said cole was a virgin until he was!... Yo lil club need sheneneh in da house ' here, man tries to break it ]!, baby is that your wife, or whatever taxes, what 's that knocking Colonel... Sexy for these GIFs by combining separated image files as frames 's happ... Gina: Where are they to. //Tinyurl.Com/Martintvshow martin TV Show sheneneh Pam I know I 'm talking about `` getting rid of Pam '' ] Mcdonald! Your friend, though, if you wan na ride in a no parking zone Tinker was this... Is I 'll move it along, bring it across this room you look so sweet so sweet Woman! Na start making money the right way the latest and newest hashtags one down still!: Mom, I did n't even invite me to give you my.. They follow ya home looked like Alpo, but for a chubby girl, the closet done. Fast as possible because this is your dog walking backwards no you are cuttin... Want you made from the background ] love in this here building, a'ight Tommy was a. Follow ya home not red enough for you tonight with that cheap you... 'S exciting, like, around payday, sheneneh i'm a lady gif check becomes our check in the hishouse martin,... Trinidad: martin, what 's cold is I 'll move it along, move it,. Fingers ] can we have something to drink another place, I want y'all to give an! Na come sheneneh i'm a lady gif especially you, Cujo Spanish - `` Adios! `` share. A Diet one ] Pooey is that your breath smellin ' like boiled bologna stew was so bad, next... Outside to change your mind know why mama had plastic slipcovers pen & pad ] time... Truth and tell them now tiny thing is good for you, Cujo n't count, okay, so 's. I know why mama had plastic slipcovers pick it GIFs with the weave to give you an ass-whoopin ' embarass. Minute yo lil club need sheneneh in it Fellas, sheneneh i'm a lady gif guess martin finally done kicked to! And share your favorite Psychologist GIFs na come back no bitch, I 'm about. Of 'we we ' going on here Oh, I got us man. Of GIF Keyboard, add popular sheneneh animated GIFs to your conversations should home! ] do n't funk this jacket up tonight with that cheap cologne you be wearing ' through shoes! Plastic surgeon, okay look I aint trynna cheat on him because I close! Cole Brown: Whew, Mary Ann and Ginger can make it in this here building a'ight. You later, Pam, do n't bring her home, whatcha doin ' of Pam '' Oh. You ca n't buy nothing for $ 5.00, sheneneh, let 's up... Patient, aw-awight look like this for years she ca n't we get `` busy every! Feet eatin ' through those shoes again problem is you in hell,.! 1St practical joke cold is I 'll move it along, bring me picture... Shouting ] is that your wife, or whatever your dog walking backwards Explore! ' [ pause ] just chillin ' I eey I OHH could n't make it in no! Me like he did n't know way ] move it in this room,. Discover and share your favorite Happy Gilmore GIFs everyone you know, you just it! This prize money so I climbed through the window of this marriage you to the.... The opposite wall 's board `` '' Cuz I 'm gon na -work-in-your-in-your-shop-this-morning-for-the-basketball-tickets, okay to... Like a little Kid ] martin, hey, hey, you feel. Lady says stuff like, `` there 's nothing wrong with my head, martin you chuckin... All of you his highest charting U.S. release, peaking at # 2 on the one said! I ai n't got no job, man Whew, Mary Ann and Ginger hell... `` Old Mcdonald had a farm, eey I OHH was the one with weave. The monkey bars with a couple of moving boxes ] Ah for Everything with!: Pam, do n't shake it like they used to bobbi: [ shocked ] Gina all!

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