fruits that are actually vegetables

Bitter gourds 9. “But in the common language of the people … all these are vegetables which are grown in kitchen gardens, and which, whether eaten cooked or raw, are, like potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, and lettuce, usually served at dinner in, with, or after the soup, fish, or meats which constitute the principal part of the repast, and not, like fruits generally, as dessert.”. Avocados have recently become popular, especially among the younger generations, for the number of nutrients you can get from a single serving – vitamins, minerals, even omega-3 fatty acids – it’s all in one convenient fruit. Many of the vegetables at this market are technically considered fruits. Also known by its alternate name of ladies’ fingers, okra is one fruit no one would have guessed was a vegetable unless they knew how the classification of fruits worked. If eating them on their own isn’t doing it for you, try having them as part of a dish, such as a burrito. Here’s a hint: one of the “vegetables” mentioned actually doesn’t belong there. Though the fruit looks nothing like the chicken eggs from the grocery store (nor taste like them), the Europeans who discovered it found the variety that was white and had the shape and size of goose eggs, hence the name. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It’s that green food that’s shaped like a large pepper, only when you bite into it you get slimy juices instead of a burning tongue. Just like peas, beans are a member of the legume family – they’re seeds that come in pods, and that makes them fruit. Corn is treated like a grain in agriculture and like a vegetable in the kitchen. Olives are commonly classified as green or black, with black olives being saltier than the mild green olives. Times Syndication Service. Hi! You probably don’t think of olives as a fruit, but that’s exactly what they are. Actually, there are quite a few fruits that we mistake as vegetables, whether it be because of their appearance, flavor, or just word of mouth. Not only are eggplants fruits, they’re technically classified as a berry. That’s because fruits and vegetables aren’t classified by an arbitrary and somewhat subjective criterion of taste. To many people, fruits have been, and always will be, sweet, juicy pieces of plant-based food, and anything else is nothing but a vegetable. Beans are packed with B vitamins as well as other vitamins and minerals. Every kind of pepper, from the bell pepper to the jalapeño, fits the bill as a fruit and not a vegetable. Carrots. Vegetables that are fruits and fruits that are actually vegetables! Tomatillos 3. Another common legume is chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Pumpkins. This salty food contains seeds and is, therefore, a fruit – more specifically, a stone fruit. Tomatoes 2. In fact, the classification is a lot simpler than you think. Don’t plan on having beans in your diet? Speaking of gourds, cucumbers are an unexpected member of that family, too. Sweet corn 14. “But aren’t beans legumes?” I hear you ask. So in summary, we have a plant named after an egg that tastes like a vegetable but is actually a fruit, specifically a berry. Tomatoes are far from the only example of common vegetables that are actually fruits. Specifically, they're considered a stone fruit, like peaches, mangoes, and dates. The name didn’t age well, though, with the most common cucumber variant being the elongated purple fruit we have today. Okay, we admit that not a lot of people consider tomatoes as vegetables in the first place, but no one would dare put actual fruit in a lettuce salad, right? Another fruit that you wouldn’t expect to be a vegetable at all is the humble olive. Have you ever tried okra? Even though tomatoes are technically a fruit, it doesn’t stop people from treating it and most of the other foods on this list as a vegetable. If that’s not the most confusing fruit in the world, I don’t know what is. But scientifically, neither of those categories are right. Its status as a fruit or a vegetable was so contentious that in 1893 the Supreme Court had to weigh in and settle the issue once and for all. You don’t have to do that, though, since we’re doing it for you – here are some examples of fruits that you’ve probably once thought of as no more vegetables. “The thing a tomato plant produces isn’t a part of the plant itself, any more than the egg a chicken lays is part of the chicken,” the dictionary said. Every kind of pepper, from the bell pepper to the jalapeño, fits the bill as a fruit and not a vegetable. We’ll give you the answer to that, as well as some fruits that are commonly mistaken for vegetables, in the next few sections. We usually don’t see them inside their pods, but chickpeas are classified the same way as peas and beans. It turns out we’ve been consuming a lot more fruit than we thought. Sweet corn’s popularity lies in its flexibility. Even if this information isn’t life-changing at all by any means, it’s always good to know something you didn’t before.

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