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David Robson: What about tanning on the beach? Danny Padilla: What had happened was, when I was sitting there I had just been kicked off the stage. And exactly how much weight did you use in that scene? Arnold just loved training without shoes. The front features a large rubberized Brachial Skull logo print. And I did this up until the mid-70s, before I won my first Olympia. This was the beginning of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. However, we didn’t flaunt it in tight shirts, in fact, we wore very loose clothing but anyone could tell that the muscle was there. David Robson: What are your thoughts on Arnold beating Sergio at the 1972 Olympia? We had to buy clothes that were to big especially the pants because our thighs where to big and we would have to have them altered to fit us properly. I had great hours so it really worked out well for me and complimented my training schedule. There was a problem completing your request. David Robson: Did anyone else train without shoes? Re-live the Muscle Beach memories and discover secrets from the glory days of Bodybuilding. Ed Corney: There was no such thing as cardio. That proved the point that I was in Africa and did not make it up. I used the aminos once in a while and basically took what I thought I needed like calcium of course and some C and some E but most of the time getting ready for a show I was more into the food. Of course now, some of us did have regular jobs remembering that there was not a lot of money back then. This clothing is aimed strictly at hardcore old school bodybuilding fans. The days were exciting, yet serene. We would talk about the show and how we were going to do this or that. Danny Padilla: Another thing, what these guys have discovered today is that with the combination of certain drugs they are using they have basically taken the Mike Mentzer principal to another level. Bill Grant: First of all I don’t think that training for two hours is overtraining. So the guys were pretty good that way. I would go in the morning and sometimes I would go back in the afternoon. And, of course you had Dan Howard who was the welder. Plus he was really the first big guy in that era. David Robson: What kind of clothing did you guys wear in the gym and on the street back then? Danny Padilla: Yes that was going on also and most of the guys did that. The rest was hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, time, patience, commonsense and luck. The best times I recall at the original Gold’s were the summer days of 1970. Danny Padilla: It was entertaining and what it did was show you how different every guy was from the other. In the early 70s I trained with Arnold and a lot and with Dave Draper. I was supposed to be short class, Robbie medium and they ended up with two heavyweights (Mike Katz and Ken Waller) and instead of picking one they decided to let me go. He brought that with him. My take is if you are following a good diet all of this cardio is unnecessary. We were all unique with strengths and weaknesses to overcome, aches and pains to endure, and hopes and dreams to realize. You do or you don’t. Bill Grant: I think that we where more of a family back then because it was such a small sport and we were looked upon as some sort of freaks and thought of as outsiders to rest of the sports world to such an extent that we just bonded well together. There was a pullover machine, plate loading of course. I think that the atmosphere at Gold’s Gym was in the early 70s and after that there wasn’t any. Dave Draper: Though there were a dozen parties that brought us together over a two- or three-year period – fun occasions with laughter, promise and cheer, good food and no drink – we mostly went our own way. You have to be a rocket scientist nowadays but in those days you just had to be a bodybuilder. The only thing that we didn’t do then was take large amounts of creatine and I don’t believe in that anyway. Mail order businesses helped. Red, white and blue block letters forcefully spelling out Gold’s Gym adorned the front of the building, directly above a set of double doors. And that was really the primary purpose. Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2019, My dad loves it, hes trying to get his body right, so he needed inspiration lol, Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2019. So either you cut out the calories or increased them. And of course everybody would be saying to each other, “hey, you are getting better, getting good, getting good.” There was always encouragement. That was one of the big problems. From what I saw it was just funny stuff we would all laugh at. I would define Gold’s Gym atmosphere by the people who were there, by the people who were serious about training? Ve harf to train tomorrow.” So we left. You make sure that you can train. Frank Zane: I don’t go by what other people think. They would pick a winner and it would be: “okay, now lets go and have dinner.”. If we were going to go out on the town well then the dress was different. David Robson: Were there many seminars and guest posing’s, like there are today? A lot of training was involved though. That was my choosing. How influential was Arnold on your training and bodybuilding progress? I used all of these and all but for one, which we did not have back in the day, and that is creatine and creatine blends. Superstar trained with Arnold and was known to be probably the strongest man at Gold’s when he trained there. David Robson: Prior to Arnold’s arrival, what was the atmosphere like at Gold’s? That is the nature of the business – the more money there is the more everybody wants to be in your spot. So why not just focus on what matters. Danny Padilla: Basically everybody got up and we all ate at this restaurant together and then we would all walk to the gym. The only guy that did not have to work was Arnold and even he was only getter a meagre salary from Weider. And of course you had Blair protein (Rheo. David Robson: How did Ed’s style of training help you? I don’t compete today. He does have a good sense of humour and loved to play practical jokes. And bodybuilding was yet a novelty, an anomaly, remember, a half-pint in a rolled-up brown paper bag. But as soon as money becomes a part of the equation things sometimes change and not in a favourable way. A woman is a woman period. I don’t know if I see it any more. We weren’t into styles in those days but now you have all kinds of clothing lines like Physique Bodyware. Bought by some big corporation. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Ed Corney: Nothing was personal. David Robson: It seems that everybody who knew him has their own Arnold story. Pre contest we would double split so many weeks out: Back in the morning, legs at night and so on. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The rumble you heard in the background was bodybuilding in its early stages of take-off… Five, Four, Three, Two, One …. At that time we were training each body part twice a day. This tee also comes in 6 colours! Dave Draper: I don’t see how one can make progress with much less. Maybe they hung at the beach and waited for life to happen. Did it improve bodybuilding’s image? We motivated each other because you know whatever you are going to do he will do. Was there a specific dress style for bodybuilders? I had a young wife and daughter, no dough, lots of promise and promises and was busy with daily survival. In the NFL and NBA these guys are constantly exposed by TV – we are not. In the 70s especially did bodybuilding made a complete transformation. We had some good times. Food was the key though. They did work as security for rock concerts, movie awards such as the People’s Choice Awards and even Paul McCartney’s Wings, which I did and had the task of guarding Paul McCartney’s kids. They seemed to ride their own wave, the crest I might add, and they a pair of middle European decent. So I asked him, “How many more sets do you have left.” He says, “Ten.” I mean why don’t you just stop now, you don’t have any body and you never will. Well now they have achieved that so why should we get mad at them for that. She (Sally) threw a party at her Bel-Air home. That was the perception: they were all dummies looking in the mirror, homosexuals. He had a great attitude about everything. Then you had the mystique. It is still one of their best selling products to this day. Can you describe that experience for me? I think the reason I was able to get away with that was the huge amount of volume training I did. They are all over the county. And don’t train to be second or third, train to win and you might get second. Dave Draper: Joe Gold did a great deal to improve the then-current musclebuilding equipment: designing, engineering, enlarging, beefing up, broadening and thickening. I did most of my training alone, by myself. Dave Draper: The activity has become extraordinarily popular and busy, the sport sharply competitive and crowded, the diversion commercialized and usurped and the world swifter and tighter, more jaded and impersonal. Bill Grant: I don’t think that it was as rampant as it is today because it was not available to everyone remembering a lot of times if you wanted anything you would have to go to a doctor but I am not saying that you couldn’t get it through the black market.

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