is salmon healthy

But, according to the FDA’s Food Data Central database, smoked salmon may not be as nutritious as other options because of its high sodium content from the curing process. If your salmon is frozen, thaw it gradually in the refrigerator overnight. A 3.5-ounce serving of salmon contains 22–25 grams of protein (1, 2). Opt for more healthful cooking options for salmon such as baking, poaching, sous vide, or grilling. Here are some healthy recipes for incorporating this fish into your diet: Salmon has a delicious flavor and can be prepared in many different ways. "Studies suggest that the combo of omega-3s and vitamin D in salmon may reduce risk of cancer and heart disease," she penned in an article in Good Housekeeping. The combo of omega-3's, selenium, and vitamins A and D are key for improving immunity, both in the short and long term. Studies have shown that all of the B vitamins work together to maintain optimal functioning of your brain and nervous system. Sounds like a green light, for sure! Methylmercury is a poisonous compound and forms when bacteria interact with mercury in the environment (think soil, water and some plants). "Fish, in general, has been associated with better skeletal health," she explained in an article in The Washington Post. So if you eat salmon every day, chances are you'll be feeling better. Recent research has found that for optimal health, each meal should provide at least 20–30 grams of high-quality protein (16). From a health standpoint, salmon continues to reign king as a nutritional powerhouse. Salmon contains between 0.4–3.8 mg of astaxanthin per 3.5 ounces, with sockeye salmon providing the highest amount (34). This article reviews whether…, You may have heard a lot about cleanses or detoxes for psoriasis, but you may wonder whether these methods are effective or safe. That's echoed by Serena Ball, a registered dietitian. "Wild-caught is the gold standard, but I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from eating farmed salmon," she explained in an interview with Salmon farms are known for spreading parasites such as sea lice, since lots of salmon live so close together in these farms. Certain merchants, like Whole Foods, have implemented strict quality standards to ensure they’re sourcing farmed seafood from strictly regulated farms. ", Animal Diversity Web: "Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon). When it comes to choosing between wild and farmed, Duggan says she generally advocates for wild when possible, but adds that it’s important to make informed decisions. “This is yet another reason to load up on your local, organic, seasonal veggies, especially if you’re unsure whether or not your salmon is sustainably farmed.”. If you have specific concerns or a situation arises in which you require medical advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified medical services provider. For all of the health benefits of omega-3s, high doses of them, like in supplements, can cause bleeding problems if you take some anticoagulant drugs. If that sounds like you, consider making salmon a central protein in your diet as it can help you lose weight, says registered dietician Kylie Ivanir. So if you're interested in keeping your peepers as healthy and happy as possible, chowing down on salmon every day might help you do just that, says Dr. Jonathan Wolfe, an optometrist in Ardsley, N.Y. "Your eyes will feel less dry because the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon can improve the quality of the oil layer in your tear film," he told The List. So make sure you stay within the guidelines above. The Mediterraean diet is well researched and is associated with health benefits ranging from heart disease and diabetes protection, to aiding in weight loss and weight management efforts, to improvements in depression and mental health, and to overall longevity. A study published in January 2020 in the BMC Public Health journal conducted a benefit-risk assessment of the health effects of Baltic herring and salmon and environmental pollutants across four countries. ", National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements: "Vitamin B12," "Omega-3 Fatty Acids.". Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Benefits of Fish - The Health Benefits of Salmon, Becoming a Vegetarian: Foods to Choose From, Slideshow: Best Diet Tips Ever -- 22 Ways to Stay on Track, What to Eat Before, During and After Exercise, Barbara's Story: More Food, More Energy, More Fun. Astaxanthin appears to lower the risk of heart disease by reducing oxidation of LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol and increasing HDL (the “good”) cholesterol (30, 31).

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