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Fate. All of the characters are from previous JumpStart games. Support koma are two or three block koma that represent non-playable characters that can perform actions such as attacks, healing or status effects. In the Dragon Ball Z universe, Frieza is one of the first villains to really test Goku. Janpu Arutimetto Sutaazu But the "rock" is not weak against the "paper". ‎This article is currently under construction, and is incomplete as of this moment. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Goku as a Laughter type instead of a Power type), while others can be used to unlock koma for characters from the same series, quizzes for the series, and new worlds in the Story Mode. Many are static while others will move, break, or disappear and reappear randomly. Game » It gathers many of the popular characters from Weekly Shonen Jump in a Super Smash Bros.-style battle royale. When you see him not playing tennis, he. Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! This game is for Shonen Jump characters! Following the One Piece manga, the game goes up to the end of the Enies Lobby arc. This area allows players to upgrade their characters by spending gems (currency earned for KO'ing opponents) to buy a new koma. He designed and created the Straw Hat Pirate ship the Thousand Sunny. Jump Ultimate Stars is a Japanese manga-based fighting game on the Nintendo DS and the sequel to Jump Super Stars. Each battle koma comes with a certain nature. Ganbarion Koma come in various shapes and sizes, taking up one to eight blocks. This is a list of characters seen in the Jump Stars games. Jump Ultimate Stars has been changed slightly from the gameplay of Jump Super Stars. Luckyman* (3 characters: 2 Support, 1 Help), Yu-Gi-Oh! The touch screen has a 5 x 4 grid to place koma on, and the koma you place there form your deck. Publisher(s): Also, certain 7 and 8 panel koma (along with certain 5 and 6 panel koma) obtain a visual difference during battle as opposed to the appearance of the 1-6 koma of the very same character, some of this variations also bring a totally different set of attacks to the character. (5 characters: 1 Battle, 1 Support, 3 Help), YuYu Hakusho (6 characters: 3 Battle, 1 Support, 2 Help). Most of the main characters from each series appear as characters within the game. Most of the main characters from each series appear as characters within the game. The attacks do normal damage. The second son of Goku and Chichi, younger brother of Gohan. Gohan is Goku's son and one of the heroes in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Dr Slump Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. All characters in the game come from many famous mangas published in the Shonen Jump magazine, including One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Naruto. This is inspired by Howard Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences". His zanpakuto is called Shinsō (Killing Spear). November 23, 2006 There are three types of koma that can be initialised in battle. This is a list of Jump Ultimate Stars characters sorted by their manga series. The size of each koma determines if it is a help (1 panel; provides a bonus to adjacent characters), support (2-3 panels; performs a single attack) or battle character (4+ panels; the playable characters). The concept of the JumpStart All-Stars is to provide different types of learning techniques for children. He is mostly serious and normal, except for the fact that he fights with farts. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Their 7 Koma specials are much quicker and to the point. A powerful itako shaman, Anna Kyoyama is Yoh's fiancee and trainer. Together, they are known as the Golden pair and are a formidable doubles team. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In addition to adding game modes and many new characters, each fighter got at least two basic attacks and a powerful finisher. * Read the most helpful review You could also play online via Nintendo WiFi Connection. Certain walls and floors are also destructible. He is Goten's older brother and the father of Pan. Extraordinary goalkeeper who can catch almost anything thrown at him. Luffy becomes Luffy (Gear 2nd) for his Level 7 & 8 koma, Naruto becomes Kyubii Naruto for his Level 7 & 8 koma, and Ichigo becomes Bankai Ichigo for his Level 7 & 8 level koma). Many of the character-specific tropes (such as Big Eater and Cloud Cuckoo Lander) from these series also appear in this game as well. Each battle koma comes with a certain nature. Statistics Goten achieved the Super Saiyan transformation at just 7 years old, making him the youngest Super Saiyan ever. His smile presents anything but kindness, just as that of a fox. A leader character also must be chosen. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll (10 characters: 1 Battle, 6 Support, 3 Help), Kinnikuman* (10 characters: 1 Battle, 7 Support, 2 Help), KochiKame (15 characters: 1 Battle, 8 Support, 6 Help), Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro* (4 characters: 1 Battle, 3 Help), Midori no Makibao* (3 characters: 2 Support, 1 Help), Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation* (7 characters: 1 Battle, 4 Support, 2 Help), Naruto (9 characters: 4 Battle, 1 Support, 4 Help; Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, Hinata Hyuuga and Shikamaru Nara were removed from the Naruto cast), One Piece (10 characters: 6 Battle, 2 Support, 2 Help), Pyu to Fuku! Video Games. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Jump_Ultimate_Stars/Characters&oldid=873028, Son Goku/Super Saiyan/super saiyan 2/super saiyan 3/Vegetto, Super Saiyan Son Gohan/Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan, Gotenks (Son Goten & Trunks)/Super Gotenks. Franky is the cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Crew. They are called help, support and battle koma. B… send you an email once approved. Eiji Kikumaru is a 3rd year student in the popular anime, Prince of Tennis. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki. Giant Bomb users. There are three kinds of koma that can be initialized in battle: Battle, Support, and Help koma, with decks needing at least one of each type and an assigned leader before being playable. Jump Ultimate Stars gives battle characters the ability to dash and to do a new attack while guarding, which, instead of breaking the guard of the opponent, forces them to change characters, and can be identified by a green glow coming out of the characters which executes it. Each arena has a unique background and obstacles based on the different manga series. "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" Support koma are two or three block koma that represent a character that are to help in battle. In his later Ultimate form, he is considered the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball Z. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The unique feature of Jump Super Stars is how a team is built. Light Yagami and Ryuk count as a single character. Jump Ultimate Stars | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Each character has from 1-8 koma (manga panels), each of a different size and shape. The bulk of the gameplay is based around using koma ("panel" in Japanese, referring to the panels in a manga comic) that represent characters to create decks on a four by five grid. The super special moves/ultimate attacks for all characters in J-Stars Victory Vs on Playstation 3. consists of 1 releases. This list is by the series they originated from. These natures, laughter, power and knowledge, act in a Rock, Paper, Scissors relationship with power beating knowledge, knowledge beating laughter, and laughter beating power. Musashi was one of the original three members of the Deimon High American football team. She aims to make Yoh the Shaman King in order to live a relaxed and easy life alongside him. Jump Ultimate Stars Games Movies TV Video. Note that almost all of the Battle characters are also Support and Help characters. Nintendo DS. Category:Characters | JumpStart Wiki | Fandom. Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands, Running Chopper: Chopper and the Island of Bonds, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Jump_Ultimate_Stars?oldid=1702166, Black Cat (5 characters: 2 Battle, 1 Support, 2 Help), Bleach (17 characters: 4 Battle, 7 Support, 6 Help), Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (12 characters: 2 Battle, 4 Support, 6 Help), Buso Renkin (4 characters: 1 Battle, 3 Help), Captain Tsubasa* (5 characters: 3 Support, 2 Help), D.Gray-man (9 characters: 2 Battle, 3 Support, 4 Help), Dr. Slump (7 characters: 2 Battle, 2 Support, 3 Help), Dragon Ball (13 characters: 7 Battle, 2 Support, 4 Help), Eyeshield 21 (17 characters: 11 Support, 6 Help), Gintama (13 characters: 2 Battle, 6 Support, 5 Help), Fist of the North Star* (7 characters: 2 Battle, 2 Support, 3 Help), Hoshin Engi* (4 characters: 1 Battle, 1 Support, 2 Help), Hunter × Hunter (7 characters: 2 Battle, 3 Support, 2 Help), Strawberry 100% (7 characters: 4 Support, 3 Help), Jigoku Sensei Nūbē* (4 characters: 2 Support, 2 Help), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (10 characters: 2 Battle, 6 Support, 2 Help), Jungle King Tar-chan* (4 characters: 1 Support, 3 Help), Reborn!

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