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Ernst Hengstenberg on John, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, Ezekiel & Psalms. Charge. A biblical example of birds being metaphors for destructive and deceiving evil spirits can be found in Gen 15:11 and Matt 13:4, 19. Power, in "I Wills" of the Psalms. The second part of the psalm begins with Psalms 9:13. "The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible". PSALM 9 OVERVIEW. An important fact is that Psalm 91 is known as the Psalm of the Military soldier or the prayer of the Military soldier, because this psalm is printed on camouflage handkerchiefs. In your name, heavenly father, thank you for all the blessings that you give me. The King James Bible (1611) and Strong's Concordance (1890) with Hebrew and Greek dictionaries are sourced from the BibleForgeDB database (https://github.com/bibleforge) within the BibleForge project (http://bibleforge.com). Often the saint walks about defeated because the enemy is invisible to him, and because he can’t see him, he assumes he is not there. When combined, these two concepts of taking refuge both temporarily and permanently indicate that the saint must be abiding continually in YHVH’s place of refuge, but he must also venture out into the stormy darkness to face the enemy from time to time. YHVH’s Torah-commandments are truth (Ps 119:142 and 151), the word of Elohim is truth (John 17:17). I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart This is a gratulatory psalm, wherein David shows his thankfulness, which a very heathen calleth Maximam imo matrem omnium virtutmn reliquarum, the mother of all the rest of the virtues (Cicero). Verse 1. (2) There is no title for Psalms 10, and (3) together the psalms form an imperfect acrostic. "Peter Pett's Commentary on the Bible ". A vile errour it is that some men says, that God dose unrightwisly in mani thinges in erthe: for tham thynk that tay sold noght be done. When he finally was released from the hospital, he came home with the trac ( tracheostomy) and 11 medications , but I refused to give into his sickness but declared healing over him everyday. The notes will show how one subject pervades them (see H p. 721). (Compare Song of Solomon 1:4 Revelation 19:7 ) I will sing to THY NAME, O thou Most High." The kill rate of this virus is not the only consideration. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. It’s the stripes of Jesus, by which we are healed, mixed with doses of the Word of God, marinated in the Blood of Jesus. of Psalm 91, is the rest of our soul and the hope that we seek day by day, I trust in Jehovah blessed in our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy spirit, the holy trinity, Amen. If so, it would mean this psalm was meant to be sung according to that tune. This is the true point of view from which to regard the less comprehensive acts of judgment thinly sown through history, when God has arisen to smite some hoary iniquity or some godless conqueror. Refuge is the Hebrew word machaceh meaning “refuge, shelter from rain or storm, from danger or falsehood” and derives from the root verb chacah meaning “to seek refuge, flee for protection; to put trust in (Elohim) or to confide or hope in (Elohim).” Dwelling place is the Hebrew word maw-ohn meaning “dwelling, habitation, refuge.” In this psalm, there is an interplay between the words indicating where the child of the Almighty must abide during times of trouble. Psalms 91:1, Secret.Heb. The only object of our praise -- thee, O Lord. Sincerity for affection and end, Psalms 9:2. This shows the English words related to the source biblical texts along with brief definitions. 4. GOD bless yous always Interpretation: When you have faith, trust and assert each of the previous verses of this psalm 91, you make God your refuge. by deliverance-necessitates the wicked’s being forgotten, and those who are forgotten by God perish.

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