serta icomfort cf1000 king

No additional charge for second floor installation Ephrata, PA 17522, Martin Appliance I can move around without waking anyone up because my movements doesn't affect anyone else. Originally posted on, I really like the cooling feature I think it helps keep me asleep. Originally posted on, We got this bed because we was looking for something with support that was medium firmness. iComfort was designed to be exactly that; the last word in comfort, powered by the latest innovation in the Serta cooling. Originally posted on, Serta's iComfort CF1000 mattress contains gel that made my sleep comfortable and cooling. Take me back. As soon as I laid in the bed and got into a snug position, I already felt cool and comforted. Overall a high quality firm matress. strong! Originally posted on, I slept on the Serta iComfort CF1000 medium. I sleep so much better at night, keeps cool and very plush. Overall I would recommend this mattress for multiple reasons but especially if you are looking for what is truly a medium firm mattress because I think this is probably the best I have ever slept on when it comes to that. The iComfort CF1000 Hybrid Medium mattress is comfortably cool and supportive. The iComfort CF1000 Hybrid Medium mattress is comfortably cool and supportive. It has a cooling cover. 6/22/2020, Excellent mattress!!! We both woke up and commented right away about how could we have waited so long! haha Definitely pleased with this mattress. It has a medium feeling which is good for most people. My husband is over 300 pounds, and it is comfortable for him. We recently bought this bed hoping to alleviate back, hip and shoulder pain. I woke up with less pain in my back, and, it kept me cool and comfortable all night. Description. I dont wake up with hip pain from sleeping on my side like I did with my other mattress. I sleep correctly now and feel less back pain i would normally have. What a mistake. Some of the ways we use your information is to deliver a The iComfort CF1000 Hybrid Medium mattress is comfortably cool and supportive. Its also a cooler type mattress. If you can spare a few thousand dollars without batting an eyelash for new Layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam help channel heat away from your body, while the 1025 iComfort… Ill need all the sleep i can get! We tested the CF1000 medium at a local retailer and it was just the right firmness--soft but still supportive--and we placed our order. Originally posted on, KEITHT1598405277 Originally posted on, We got a queen size version of the CF1000 in Medium a few months ago and have been really happy with it. I sleep like a baby now. I am not having these issues with this mattress. Warranty. Originally posted on, I knew looking at the I Comfort 1000 medium.Mattress,was something I was very interested like most people I checked out the firmness when I sat down,I have a lot of permanent injuries and i dont want to hurt more than i already do,I was able to sit down,The Mattress was firm but it still made me feel comfortable.I received this sample from tryit sampling.The Sample was called C.F. I am very pleased with the comfort level of this bed and I recommend to everyone! It fits normal queen sheets, it doesn't need a box spring, we have it on a platform bed with no problems. 8 REVIEWS. 1000 MEDIUM.I had less space to bend down and ,Im 5ft 1 inch,I was able to get myself up/down very easy,I could not find any material mistakes before I decided to keep it.This Mattress is a great addition to my home. Finally, your personal shopper will explain our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and help you place an order if you so desire. Your email address and password do not match. Could of been a bit firmer. I have been impressed by how little movement I feel when I'm sleeping (like when kids or my husband get in or out of the bed in the middle of the night). We Recognize Your Email I have a hard time sleeping if it is to warm or the mattress is not comfortable. I am a side sleeper and I used to have trouble with tossing and turning and limbs falling asleep during the night. Originally posted on, This bed is very comfortable. Select Yes!Money Credit at checkout to finance. Finally, another thing I really appreciated was that it was delivered in full size so we did not have to wait for it to expand for a couple of days and then dispose of all of the excess packaging. Very comfy, feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. Take me back. I know the guest I have coming in soon will really enjoy their nights sleep in it. Originally posted on, SulemaO1592853129 I was hoping for a little more softness so that's why I got the medium firmness. I feel like this mattress is very well made and is very comfortable and seems to be very durable. I'm recommending this mattress but be aware that it is a firm mattress. submit one type of request at a time. This iComfort bed is the medium support and it actually feels like the firm support of most mattresses. It's a medium but it's soft without being too soft. I almost hated putting a mattress protector on it because it just looks so cool. I finally was able to gather the means to get a new one and this mattress has changed my life. It is perfect for me and I am happy I can sleep much better. (Installation of gas, built-in or specialty appliances will be performed by our own professional installation team and will incur additional installation charges) 5. I love that I can move around on this mattress without disturbing my husband and vice versa, there is no smell, no noise it just adjusts to my body position. It took every ounce of effort I had to roll over because my body was so stiff after using for just one night. © 2020 Retailer Web Services LLC All Rights Reserved | Powered by WebFronts™. Originally posted on, I got this as a medium and it is harder then my hard mattress i replaced this with but while it is hard once you lay on it you kinda melt into it and its soooo comfortable.

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