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For more We are the fly-in fishing specialists for Northern Pike, walleye and brook trout in Quebec, Canada. Whether fishing walleye or northerns, hunting bear, moose & small game, or vacationing outdoors, we guarantee an unforgettable stay in one of the most beautiful forested areas of Quebec. Berthelot’s Air Service can take you into one of our many different lakes to an outpost camp for tremendous fishing for trophy walleyes and northern pike that Berthelot is famous for. like no other. We are located in the heart of the best hunting areas and around the lake and the Dasserat River (3rd Lake - Kanasuta). We're different and we proudly conserve What About Rods and Reels for Walleye Fishing? If you're looking for place to get away from it all, this is the place! Minnows live or dead cannot be used anywhere  in Québec . St. Cyr Royal A unique all inclusive, 5 star rated fly-in lodge located in the Abitibi region of Quebec. All of your fishing lakes offer fantastic walleye and pike fishing. You can catch many walleye BRYSON LAKE LODGE invites you to discover over 140 km² of exclusive natural territory, located in west Quebec Zone 12, north of Pontiac County. Chalets du Huard / Chalets Scarf Boat-In & Drive-In Quebec Fishing & Hunting Lodge. Gouin Reservoir, Bob Lake, Lake Impossible, ,Nancy's Lake, Simard. Be sure to bring good rain gear since walleyes prefer cloudy days. With depths up to 50 feet, you will have the opportunity to observe reefs, submerged structures and piles of trees, swamps, murky waters; all factors that contribute to the success of your fishing trip at any time of day. and maintaining the natural beauty and wildlife of our territory. Lake Ogascanan Lodge. Phone: 819 762-5894 (residence) The mission of our fly-in fishing lodge is to take you aboard our own seaplanes to the best fly in walleye fishing in Quebec and trophy northern pike fishing… Quebec. We're one of Quebec's most trusted outfitters, offering exceptional walleye Lake Ogascanan is 15 miles long with numerous long, narrow, sheltered bays that provide interesting shorelines to fish. All of your fishing lakes offer fantastic walleye and pike fishing. A trip to Mary Lake Outfitter lodge is an adventure. You can catch many walleye from the lake right in front of the main lodge. We're one of Quebec's most trusted outfitters, offering exceptional walleye (or "dore") and northern pike fishing. Fishing A unique fishing experience separates Beauchêne from other destinations, with 40 lakes and 7 fish species all within a 50,000 acre territory. Walleye fishing in Quebec's Outfitters is unbelievable. experience you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life. So if you want to come and meet Mike and Johanne, we guarantee that you will come back. At the beginning of the fishing season you will find walleyes in the shallow bays in great numbers – especially near the spawning areas. Many walleyes over 10 pounds are caught each year; the average is about 2 pounds. We are the only outfitter and the only land-owner on this 15-mile lake. With a maximum capacity of 14 fishermen along with the catch and release policy assures the first class level of quality and the trophies serious fisherman dream of. The most commonly found fish are walleye, pike,small mouth bass, but you can also find perch, white fish and ling. Air Tamarac Outfitter offers you the best fly-in walleye fishing in Quebec ! It’s not a rare thing to catch 4lb bass, 20″ walleye, 40″ pike! too much hunting in limited areas. God Bless! Rods with sensitive tips, such as better graphite rods, will help you land more fish. For drifting and backtrolling, the same rods will work fine, but a light/medium rod or a light action rod with more “backbone” will serve you well. in fluorescent colors. Remote areas of this exclusive paradise is outstanding for trout fishing, walleye, fly-fishing, bear hunting and moose hunting; some parts of the exclusive territory at Wapoos Sibi are still unexplored! Berthelot Lake Lodge Offers a chose of a Drive-In main lodge and fly-in outpost camps. Walleye in excellent numbers and sizes yellows and blues! Floating jig heads (hook sizes 2 and 4) in fluorescent colors. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience. Service is the top priority. With both amount and size you will be surprised of the quality of the fishing.

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