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It has been built in the Chalukyan style. Shimoga Shimoga is a town in Karnataka State. Kavaledurga is a magnificent fort located on a hill at an altitude of 5,056 feet (1,541 m). Monsoon witnesses rainbow everywhere offering a breathtaking view. [19] This gives it a ranking of 275th in India (out of a total of 640). Banavasi is just across the border from Shimoga inside Uttara Kannada district. It has been built in the Hoysala style called 'trikutachala'. Post office Address : The Postmaster, strtoupper( Branch Post office, Malavagoppa Post office, Shimoga, Shimoga, Karnataka. Shimoga district is divided into 2 Sub-divisions and 7 Taluks. in Chalukya-Hoysala style, Tripurantkeswar temple (1070 C.E. Image courtesy Sarvagnya. [17], Taluk has the highest population with Hosanagara Taluk having the least population. Most Beautiful Tourism In The World: Nepal Tourism. In 2006, the local government renamed Shimoga as Shivamogga. The dam is 12 km drive from Shimoga and aligns itself amidst the Shettihalli Sanctuary. The major national sports event held in this district was the 18th Junior National Athletic Championship which was held in Shimoga in the year 2003. if you enter your Mobile number, your password will be sent through an SMS on An exquisite view of the various falls combining to flow down adds glory to the sight. [69] There are 51 government colleges, 3 bifurcated colleges, 47 unaided colleges and 15 aided colleges. An excellent amalgamation of multiple waterfalls that allures the tourist by its outstanding beauty. ", "LIST OF GOVT, AIDED & UNAIDED PU COLLEGES", "II PU: 54.31 p.c. [3], Bagalkot | (Select Bank Name then State then District then branch to see Details) has All 252 Computerised Banks and their 163677 Branches Listed. Achakanya Falls is located near a village called Aralsuruli, 10 km from Thirthahalli on the way to Hosanagara. [39][40] Ford Foundation has volunteered in establishing a rural theatre and film culture project called Janaspandana. The taluk consists more of temples … River Varada originates at this place. The Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency comprises the entire Shimoga district and also covers parts of Nalluru and Ubrani hoblis of Channagiri taluk of Davangere district. Adjacent to the border to the Uttara and Shimoga district in Karnataka, the Jog waterfall in Karnataka is the highest waterfall in the state. [40][41] Ninasam conducts a summer workshop for youngsters. Daneben gibt es eine größere Minderheit von Muslimen (12,2 Prozent) und eine kleine christliche Minderheit (1,6 Prozent). There are many temples in Ballegavi, some constructed as per Late Chalukyan architecture: Kedareshvara temple, Tripurantakeshvara temple, and Prabhudeva temple. [15] When the Vijayanagar empire was defeated in 1565 CE in the battle of Tallikota, the Keladi Nayakas who were originally feudatory of the Vijayanagar empire took control, declared sovereignty, and ruled as an independent kingdom for about two centuries. Shimoga’s domestic airport is a 10-minute drive from the city. The most fascinating fact about the falls is that each appears to be unique and stands individually. [27] Shimoga has a sex ratio of 995 females per 1000 males[27] and a literacy rate of 80.5%. Three different deities hail inside the temple, lord Rameshwara, Ganesh and Veerabhadra. [63][64], Shimoga district has a literacy rate of 80.2%. There are 116 pre-university colleges[69] in the district out of which 51 government pre-university colleges. They are concentrated in the Sagara and Soraba taluks. Camping and watersports activities are among the few must do things in Honnemaradu. [1] The district has two engineering colleges, two medical colleges, an ayurvedic medical college, dental college, veterinary College and an agricultural college. Shimoga lies between the latitudes 13o27' and 14o39' N and between the longitudes 74o38' and 76o04' E at a mean altitude of 640 metres above sea level. Shimoga city is its administrative centre. He used to boil sweet herbs in an earthen pot. Shiva-Mukha (Face of Shiva), Shivana-Moogu (Nose of Shiva) or Shivana-Mogge (Flowers to be offered to Shiva) can be the origins of the name "Shivamogga". [109][110][111] Shimoga was the host for the CBSE National Handball Championship in 2009. Shimoga has contributed the following highly regarded scholars to the Kannada culture: Any description of the culture in Shimoga district would be incomplete without the mention of the cultural organisation called Nilakanteshwara Natya Seva Sangha, better known as NINASAM. The assembly constituencies in Shimoga district are:[25], According to the 2011 census Shimoga district has a population of 1,752,753,[27] which is roughly equal to population of the nation Gambia[28] and the state of Nebraska of the United States. [88] It offers B.D.S. Along with all other sports Shimoga is emerging as a centre for adventure sports, with lots of youth showing interest in trekking (in which district has an unbeatable natural advantage) and other such sports. In the recent days, however, cricket has been all over the sports scenario of the district— a part of the national phenomenon—with league-level coaching facilities springing up in many places. One of the notable private school is Jnanadeepa School located at Javalli near Shimoga started by the eminent educationalist and former DVS principal V Devendra. Iron, agriculture, automobiles and engineering are the major industries in Shimoga district. Shimoga is the home of our very own Niagara Falls, and hence the reason for being a major tourist attraction. Every town in the district has one or more recreation clubs with facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Davanagere | The region witnessed great industrial development when Yediurappa was the chief minister of the state of Karnataka. Cinema Halls : HPC Theatre, Vandana, Mallikarjuan, Veerabhadreshwara, Laxmi, Modern, Manjunatha. Shimoga continued to play an important role in the development of Kannada culture and arts during this time. [25], There are 68 colleges in Shimoga district offering under-graduate (pre-university) education. At a distance of 6km from the city of Kollur, the Arasinagundi Falls lies among the most magnificent waterfalls near Udupi. [73] The college offers 7 courses in B.E. Society's Ayurved College, established in 1992, is located in Shimoga,[87] which also offers B.A.M.S Ayuvedacharya degree. The Shimoga City Municipal Council has population of 322,650 of which 162,018 are males while 160,632 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. Dabei hat der Distrikt hat Anteil an zwei landschaftlichen Großräumen: Ein kleinerer Teil im Osten gehört zur Region Maidan, dem zu Karnataka gehörigen Teil des Hochlands von Dekkan, und stellt sich als Hochebene mit einer Höhe von durchschnittlich 600 Metern dar. The nearest International Airport is Mangalore Airport, about 200 km away from Shimoga. Is It Worth Visting The Chapora Fort Goa ? [18] In some regions of the district, the day temperature can reach 40 °C during summer. Die Geschichte des Gebiets, das heute den Distrikt Shimoga ausmacht, lässt sich bis ins 3. To let you know the road distance between the cities is near about 306km. Later in the 12th. The Lakshminarsimha temple in Bhadravathi was built as per Hoysala architecture. The dense forest and the Tunga River make it a haven for the various birds found here. in later Chalukya style in Balligavi and the Aghoreshwara temple at Ikkeri and the Rameshwara temple at Keladi both built in the 17th. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

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