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Though, to be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to find the units without them! In Australia, the typical fridge has the following dimensions: These dimensions are for the top-loading fridge, which is the most common fridge type for residential areas or a fridge not in a combo with a freezer. Speaking of covered… there are stopper shelves, too. Either way it’s important that if you want a water and ice dispenser that you do your research on the best brands, so you can make sure to save yourself that hassle. You may find things like twin evaporators, bottle chilling, and special humidity and thermostat controls with crisper drawers. That comes in extra handy in summer when you want to cool down quickly, or if you’re entertaining. Oh, though, you do still get your in-door water dispenser that so many people love. You can easily have a section for frozen dinners or pizzas, a section for meat, a section for frozen veggies or fries. Let’s be honest, when you get into the smaller sizes, the choice becomes a little tight. In the Market for Something a Little Different? This standard came about to accommodate the common size of top-loading fridges, which were the most popular at the time. You have a slot for water and another for ice. When looking at smaller units, do a quick comparison to see what’s offered. When it comes to spacing capacity, you’re looking at over 28 cubic feet, which means plenty of space for the family. Also, there’s flexibility with the freezer door bins. Now that we’ve covered all the bases, let’s take a closer look at a couple of models that are worth considering. This Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer Model is a Solid Value. Other features include a sliding shelf, crisper boxes, and premium glass freezer shelves. How to Decide When to Replace a Refrigerator, The Difference Between the Counter-Depth & a Regular Refrigerator, Single vs. Dual Compressors for Refrigerators, How to Compare Bottom Freezer Refrigerators. These fridges have two side by side doors (hence the name), with a tall freezer unit to the left of the fridge. First, we’ll look at the advantages of this style of appliance, and then compare it to other styles so you get a complete overview. If you like extra bells and whistles, you’ll like the detail that went into this unit such as the light that notifies you about needing a filter change. We’ve got a great beverage cooler right here for you. They offer convenience with lighting that makes it easy to see inside. Or, would you prefer a side-by-side unit, where there is one complete side for the fridge and one complete side for the freezer compartment? The convenience factor is amazing, because it allows you a quick, easy view of everything, and we think better organization. We love that the ice is available both as cubed or crushed via the door’s dispenser. Check the individual units if you want things like humidity controls. Though, on a positive note, the doors are soft close, so no worry about slamming them. The compact under-counter fridge either comes in a width of 47cm to 55cm or as 55cm to 60cm sizes. Otherwise, you’ll find general bins, glass shelving, and a couple of door sections. When choosing a side-by-side refrigerator, here are a couple of the things you’ll want to consider. Your side-by-side offers you a generous space on both sides of the unit. This one comes in at 25.5 cubic feet. Take in mind how much produce space you’ll have based on the unit you buy. You’ll get strong value and a fair price. Also, the shelving in the refrigerator size of the unit is adjustable, which comes in handy if you need to move things around. Maybe your regular fridge works fab, but what you’re looking for is a wine and beverage cooler! This makes the standard fridge size smaller than the the typical fridge cavity which is: 1800mm high, 900mm wide, and 600mm deep. Another increasingly popular fridge combo is a bottom-mount freezer fridges, which are known for better ergonomics (since the fridge level is above the freezer, at eye-level) are also famous for those looking to upgrade their kitchen. What Kind of Problems Can People Have With Their Home Refrigerator? For the fridge, however, you’re pretty much limited to one of the options described above. But, if you are all about the square footage, you may get a smidge more in the French door style. Of course, we did the work for you this time, so you don’t have to. While each company has their own highlight reel and different price ranges, you’ll find that they all usually have basics like crisper drawers, deli drawers, and many have moveable shelving. This will help you avoid costly repair bills. But, with dual temperature zone settings, this model makes it super easy to choose it. Do you like having to squat down, bend over, and dig through a full freezer, trying to see what you have? When it comes to price, we feel like this offers a nice selection of features that you’ll find handy, while delivering excellent performance. There is no actual standard fridge size, however there is a standard fridge cavity that should be allotted as the floor space occupied by the fridge. Here are our top picks for the Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators in 2020. Overall, it’s a solid choice, though a little less roomy than the GE. When it comes to choosing a new refrigerator, there are a few things to consider. Another win is the humidity control for the crisper shelves, which if you read above, the Frigidaire units lacked this feature. While most of the shelves are adjustable, not all of them are. If you’ve got the budget, these things may be of interest like the multi-airflow system. If you have a visual preference, this is something to keep in mind. This means most of the kitchen is designed around the refrigerator. When it comes to capacity, that’s one of the things you lose by needing a smaller, narrower unit. Check out the Phiestina Side-by-Side Refrigerator, today. While some people like their freezer section above or below, the side-by-side fridge with the full-length vertical doors is a great choice as it gives you easy access to every area within the unit.

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