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As the source of 80% of B2B social leads, B2B brands are paying more and more attention to LinkedIn. Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed, or text/csv file, Geo-Location Analysis, Category (Topical) Analysis. No matter your social media analysis and reporting needs, Sprout has been built from the ground up to give you a fast, user-friendly way to discover and display social insights. Tweet Archivist collects data directly from Twitter based on the user’s search terms. From the process of picking a winner to analyzing engagement from a giveaway campaign, ShortStack can pick up the slack. Visit the COVID19MisInfo Portal - a rapid response project of the Ryerson University Social Media Lab. Twitter, Blogger, Forum, Wikipedia, Video, Download. An easy-to-use Python library for accessing the Twitter API. Sign up to have social media resources sent to your inbox every week. Communalytic is a new research tool designed to collect, analyze and visualize public data from Reddit. The platform looks at metrics such as open and completion rate, allowing brands to see where story engagement peaks and likewise at what point viewers drop off. Forums and messaging boards count too. You can also get a look at influencers, sentiment, and trending topics based on the mentions collected. For the sake of expanding your content’s reach, hashtag analytics are a must-have. — If you are interested in seeing what more advanced tools like Brandwatch can offer, the please do get in touch by booking a demo. Firefox, Chrome and Safari (including mobile Safari on the iPad). Mention monitors million of sources in 42 languages, helping you stay on top of all your brand mentions on social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page. This means that using the platform you’ll have insight into the entire customer journey, not only social media-specific metrics. For example, which social network deserves the bulk of your time and budget? This service allows one to assess the effects of specific events (e.g. Be sure to check back … Using the network one can see the most relevant topics inside the text organized as distinctively colored clusters of nodes, their relationship to one another, and the most influential words inside the text, responsible for topic shifts. Interestingly, with Followerwonk you can compare your social graph to competitors, friends or industry leaders and measure how well you are doing. | For example, SHIELD examines the performance of individual employee profiles and their posts. When he's not battling the latest buzzwords, you can often find him strumming the nearest guitar. It’ll track them live and create a dashboard showing all the mentions, letting you sort by engagement, date, and other metrics. Then you can get data from Twitter, Reddit, forums, blogs, and various other sources. Major brands like Bose take advantage of Curalate for social sales – take a peek at their Instagram bio. Data Collection + Analysis+ Visualization, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Forum, Review, Competitor Analysis Analysis, Trend Analysis, Real-time Analysis, Intelligence Crawlers, Simple, easy way to archive data from Twitter directly on your server, Virtual server with an IP address running APACHE / PHP / MYSQL. The analytics other tools had just didn’t have the power. Drive strategic decision making across the business with access to rich social data and analytics. Sprout’s Advanced Listening tool arms you with valuable data related to audience demographics, industry influencers, campaign performance, share of voice and consumer sentiment. Twitonomy offers a range of metrics for free, with premium features enabled for $19/month. Terms Browse, search, filter and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you. What’s important to highlight is that HubSpot’s social analytics tools is part of HubSpot’s Marking Hub, their all-in-one inbound marketing software. For instance, you can see how much traffic comes to your website from each social network, or use UTM parameters to track specific social media campaigns. Interactive map, tweet selection controls, detailed stats, detailed account analytics, Google Sheet template which lets you setup and run automated collection of search results from Twitter. A simple Python script to download tweets from the Twitter streaming API. Co-link Analysis, Snowball Analysis, Inter-actor Analysis. Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Data Collection + Analysis + Visualization, Real-time Analysis, Performance Analysis (Follower Growth, Followers Report).

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