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Luckily, we’ve set up a chart that lays it all out for you, but of course if you have questions, contact our support team and we’ll help you find the right remote. - Closes the garage door instantly with one press activation. Compatibility Charts. Genie Remotes Guide; Liftmaster Logic Boards; Liftmaster Remotes Guide; Sears Craftsman Remotes and Logic Boards; Product Manuals. Works with all Liftmaster, Sears openers from 1993 to present. Press and release the Enter button by the number of times shown below, corresponding to your type opener. All rights reserved. - Users can also program a temporary code for friends and service people. 30 seconds). test the keypad by pressing the 4 digit code, then press the Enter button, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Infra-Red Sensors, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Miscellaneous Parts, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Remote Controls, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Outside Keypads, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Infra-Red Sensors, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Miscellaneous Parts, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Outside Touchpads, Gadgets & Miscellaneous Garage Door Opener Parts, Garage Door Opener Gears, Couplers, Brackets, Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards and Sequencers, Garage Door Opener Wall Button / Control Consoles. Open garage door using a 4 digit code of your choice. COmpatibility charts for genie, liftmaster and sears craftsman remotes guide and logic boards Garage Door OpenersParts & ServiceSince 1964. ©2020 Geniedoor.com. Compatibility Charts With so many different makes and models of openers and remotes, it’s hard to tell which remote will work with a particular opener. Now go to the Square Learn Button on the motor head, located near the wall button terminal wires, and press it once to turn on the indicator light. Go back to the keypad and enter your 4 digit code and press and release the Enter button until the lights flash on the garage door opener or you hear 2 clicks. Enter a 4 digit code of your choice and press the pound (#) button. To eliminate some of the confusion, see the list below to confirm that this product will work for you. LiftMaster Receiver/Remote Compatibility To determine which remotes are compatible to your LiftMaster receiver you will need the model number of your receiver. Chamberlain Manuals; Digicode Manuals; Genie Manuals; GTO Mighty Mule Manuals; Liftmaster Manuals; articles. A division of Genie of Fairview Door Co. press and hold the star (*) and pound (#) buttons until the light on the keypad stops blinking. Genie/Overhead: Intellicode 1 and Intellicode 2 garage door openers manufactured between … Need help ordering?Give us a call at 1-800-711-8410. 877MAX XWireless Keyless Entry No X - Compatible with all Garage Door Openers manufactured by LiftMaster since January 1993. Often times manufacturers have multiple part numbers for the same product. - Open or close the garage door without using a remote control or key. Compatibility charts for all of the major garage door opener brands like Genie, Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman Remotes, Logic Boards and DIY help guides. Works with all Liftmaster, Sears openers from 1993 to present. The model number is located on the back of the receiver. Open garage door using a 4 digit code of your choice. This puts the unit into radio programming mode (programming mode lasts approx.

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