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STEM jobs can be found across an array of sectors, from private businesses, to big corporations, to nonprofits, to government jobs. Our guide offers expert tips for helping you decide whether STEM is the best choice for your studies. Find a provider. This might come as a surprise, but STEM careers for people often begin as far back as high school when you can first explore the various STEM topics and start thinking about what fields you’re most interested in pursuing long-term. Aerospace engineers work in industries such as national defense, research and development, manufacturing, and design. This indicates that people with STEM careers typically make more than twice what those with non-STEM jobs make! Getting into a top college isn’t just about having a good GPA and taking lots of difficult classes but also getting an impressive SAT/ACT score. As an aerospace engineer, you’ll design airplanes and other aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and so on. Petroleum engineers also find cost-saving methods for drilling oil and gas reservoirs, and review the geological formation of a site to determine the best ways to approach it. Computer hardware engineers differ from software developers in that they work with the external components of computers rather than the internal workings. Geographers research the Earth, including its features and its people. But how can you prepare yourself for one? This, combined with the fact that our society is becoming more and more reliant on technology, is why the US government is making such a candid effort to incentivize students to pursue STEM careers. That said, and as we’ll see in the next sections, a bachelor’s or graduate degree can drastically raise your earning potential. Yard engineer (railroad), yak herder, yellow cab driver, youth hostel warden, Yale professor and YOGA instructor are jobs (works) that begin with the letter Y. Youtuber 0 0 1 They can also encompass a wide range of duties, such as the design of computer applications, scientific research, equipment design and testing, etc. Technologists and Technicians Postsecondary Teaching A master’s degree or higher in a relevant field could increase your earning potential and make you stand out from other applicants. Popular employers include universities and the federal US government. As an educational approach, STEM centers around the idea of teaching students in an applied and interdisciplinary manner. Forbes also offers a detailed list of the 25 best STEM colleges. Besides the science and math classes all students must take (usually this will be biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus), you should make an effort to fit in at least two to three STEM electives, particularly in topics you're passionate about or really interested in. In addition, STEM jobs are some of the most lucrative jobs available. So, for example, if you’re majoring in a natural science subject like biology, you'll likely have to take classes in math and computers or technology (to conduct research or analyze experiments) so you can fully understand the different facets that go into studying biology and using it in your career. Don't worry if you're not sure what to major in—you can always double major in two STEM fields, or one STEM field and one non-STEM field! Below, we give you an extensive STEM careers list with more than 100 STEM jobs to choose from. Attachment C: Detailed 2018 SOC occupations included in STEM. Our in-depth guides to getting a perfect score in SAT Math, ACT Math, and ACT Science will teach you our very best secrets for acing these tricky sections. Requirements for STEM jobs can vary dramatically, but the truth is that many STEM careers do not even require a bachelor’s degree as long as you have the skills and experience necessary to do the tasks required of you. Managerial You can obtain professional certification in GIS through The GIS Certification Institute as well as The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remot… Although work experience isn’t an absolute necessity for getting a great STEM job after graduation, it can certainly help in terms of raising your salary potential and making you stand apart from other applicants. Sales We've looked at several best STEM careers lists from websites such as US News and Forbes, as well as the BLS, to find the top 10 STEM careers, which we introduce to you below in order of highest median salary to lowest. Below are examples of majors that sound like STEM fields but that we are not counting as STEM based on the fact they are generally associated with other types of majors and departments (such as business, humanities, social sciences, arts, and so on): It’s not innately wrong to consider some or all of the above majors STEM, but just know that not everyone will agree with you if you think your BA in Psychology is STEM. The acronym “STEM” has gained momentum in the last decade as more and more careers focus on the need for scientific and technical knowledge, but some high school and college students may feel they need more information about this ever-growing field. In short, the more STEM classes you take (and enjoy taking! Here are some of the most common types of physicists and astronomers: In order to become a physicist or astronomer, you’ll need to earn a doctorate, usually a PhD in Astronomy or a PhD in Physics. From 2013 to 2015, she taught English in Japan via the JET Program. In addition, it’s currently one of the most popular STEM careers.

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