typical glass transmittance

They do not represent relevant product specifications. Flow diagram showing how particle physio-chemical properties relate to the optical variables required to specify the atmospheric modulation transfer function/contrast transmittance. Figure 3. There’s a lot that goes into rating windows and deciding whether or not they’re energy efficient. Solar energy transmission through three types of glass under standard ASHRAE conditions. g���� �@&ف����8��5ll�8����Ta6�����hu����㰘�G���_�i���-t��y��2��-�U��.�����~]�e?���iL�3~�.�n�6�t��Y�=�>���M~�����b 0000014058 00000 n The top image shows how atmospheric scattering increases as the view angle from nadir increases (compare with Plate 2-1). Related topics and pages. 0000013354 00000 n Something that happens all the time is when a homeowner gets new windows installed and yet it feels like the room is darker. Feldco Named a Top Workplace for the 7th Time. Visible transmittance of glazing ranges from above 90% for uncoated water-white clear glass to less than 10% for highly reflective coatings on tinted glass. 2-6) (Horn, 1981). In areas of high terrain relief, even Landsat images can show pixel-to-pixel atmospheric variation due to pixel-to-pixel altitude differences (Proy et al., 1989). The distant features are about 30 km distant. 0000018599 00000 n 3.11–3.14. ), Solar Thermal Systems: Components and Applications. The extinction of these devices is limited by the defects in the coating layers or the optical quality of the optical substrate material through which light must pass. Fig. Visible Light Transmittance- The percentage of light in the visible spectrum, from 380 to 780 nanometers, that is transmitted through the glass. Special thanks to Dr. Kurt Thome, who performed the MODTRAN runs and provided assistance in data interpretation. The short wavelength blue light is scattered out of the direct transmitting path more than the longer wavelength red light, which explains the red sky at sunrise and sunset, when the solar path through the atmosphere is greatest. Chabot College Community and Student Services Center. In terms of numbers and range, VT is measured on a scale of 0-1 with 0 being the lowest amount of light passing through and 1 being the highest amount. Fig. 2-4 and Fig. 846 0 obj <> endobj xref 0000011088 00000 n Thus, the measurements are preferred to be made on a cloudy day or during the twilight. This application is the motivation for the MODIS band 26 (Table 1-1). Visible transmittance (VT) is a fraction of the visible spectrum of sunlight (380 to 720 nanometers), weighted by the sensitivity of the human eye, that is transmitted through the glazing of a window, door, or skylight. Edmund Optics® offers a wide variety of glass types which can be selected on the basis of the following characteristics. The Beer–Lambert law assumes that leaf inclination angles are spherically distributed and that the foliage is distributed randomly in space. This is the transmittance along the solar path, i.e., between the sun and the earth's surface, for a solar elevation angle of 45°. The scattering angle β is 30°. Optical glass; lower usable limit about 310 nm. 0000013671 00000 n Multilayer films have higher transmittance in a narrow wavelength interval. This terminology is summarized as follows: Reflectivity of a pure substance, including both bulk and interface processes, (Internal) linear transmissivity of (a unit length of) a transparent or partially transparent substance, away from interfaces; unit: m−1, (Internal) linear absorptivity of (a unit length of) a transparent or partially transparent substance, away from interfaces; unit: m−1, H. Fang, S. Liang, in Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 2014. Two different illumination conditions that correspond to geometries that are conducive primarily to forward- and backscattering are considered. Average transmittance. Sign up for free below. Copyright © 2020 Feldco Factory Direct, LLC. d o c) /Producer (Amyuni Document Converter) /Version (Version 2.50a - Licensed to SCHOTT AG) /CreationDate (D:20070806112144) >> endobj 7 0 obj << /Length 8 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream A product with a higher VT transmits more visible light. To model the atmospheric transmittance (eqn [14]), it is also necessary to know the pressure, which is usually retrieved simultaneously with temperature (the problem does not arise in nadir sounding since the equivalent radiative transfer equation, eqn [11], is formulated in pressure coordinates).

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