usg stud height limitations

Pub. Calculate Results Maximum Stud Spacing USG/CGC Framing Members. 4. The 600S125-18 has an h/t in excess of the limits required by CSA-S136 for an all-steel design. – The gypsum board must be applied full height in the vertical orientation to each stud flange and installed in accordance with ASTM C754 using minimum No. The information and data contained in this calculation tool has been developed to be used for USG/CGC Shaft Wall CH-Stud and Double E-Stud assemblies. 6 Type S drywall screws spaced as listed below: Table notes: 1. The assemblies are constructed of gypsum liner panels friction fitted to studs in a progressive manner, with gypsum panels, gypsum fiber panels or cement board applied to the face. satisfy BCA fire rating and acoustic requirements as summarised in the Multi-Residential section. Pro STUD ® COMPOSITE LIMITING HEIGHTS Notes: ... National, PABCO, and USG. height limitations on such buildings). Various structural elements in Class 2 and 3 buildings must . Heights are based on steel properties only, calculated in accordance with CSA-S136-2001 (with 2004 Supplement). Required Height . 2. Composite limiting heights are based on a single layer of 5/8" type X gypsum board installed in the vertical orientation to both sides of the wall over full height using minimum No. USG has a chart showing limiting heights for interior partitions. CD-ProSTUD 4/17 The technical content of this literature is efiective 4/14/17 and supersedes all previous information. No. 3. of USG Steel Stud Contents System Components Page 4 Standards References 5 Project Information 6 Wind Speed Table Selectors 7 Wall Height Tables 8-15 Certification I, Ernest B Lapish, MICE C. Eng. (London); FIPENZ (Structural); CPEng; IntPE (NZ), herby certify that maximum height tables prepared for USG non-loadbearing steel stud and track in. COMPOSITE—5/8" TYPE X Pro STUD ® COMPOSITE LIMITING HEIGHTS Notes: – Allowable composite limiting heights were determined in accordance with ICC-ES AC86-2015. A 6" 25 gauge stud 16" OC with single layer of GWB boths sides can be 20' tall. 20Gauge 16" oc can be 33' tall. Same deal but 24" OC, drops down to 15' tall. 6 Type S Drywall screws spaced a maximum of 12" oc for studs at 24" spacing, and 16" oc for studs at 16" and 12" spacing. USG Shaft Wall Systems are non-load bearing gypsum wall partition assemblies constructed from outside the shaft at each floor. This Technical Note addresses cold-formed steel studs in nonstructural interior wall systems, often referred to as drywall partitions. 1. Limiting heights are based on continuous support of each flange over the full height of the stud. USG Boral Multiframe™ system is a compilation of timber framed wall …

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