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Vija Celmins, or often I use Vija Francis-Celmins, or sometimes Vija F. or just Vija C.   Yes, a perpetual identity crisis. The first drawings she made using this type of imagery were based on photographs of planets and the surface of the moon. Remove the areas you want to appear white in your picture, then apply ink over your cut surface. In Concentric Bearings B 1984 an image of a falling plane being shot at is placed next to Celmins’s image of stars shooting in the night sky. Her interest in images continued, and in the 1960s Celmins began using photographs she found in magazines and books as a source for her art. Throughout the history of art, the natural world has inspired artists. To find out more, including which third-party cookies we place and how to manage cookies, see our privacy policy. War planes, smoking guns, automobile crashes and explosions feature in her paintings of the 1960s. Vija Celmins was fascinated by images from an early age. All requests to license audio or video footage produced by MoMA should be addressed to Scala Archives at [email protected]. House #2 1965 is among Celmins’ earliest sculptures and also relates to her wartime childhood experiences in Latvia. My true essence would be lost without it. In the 1980s she created two significant series of prints Concentric Bearings, Alliance and Constellation Uncello. While there is this cosmic sense of time in the elemental subject matter she works from, the subjects also allow the artist to explore the relationship between deep space and the flat surface of a picture. Her earlier work included pop sculptures and monochromatic representational paintings. In 1955, she entered the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, where she has said that for the first time in her life, she did not feel like an outsider. EUR (€) These paintings were based on photographs she found in books about the Second World War. I treat the photograph as an object, to scan and re-make in my art. She relentlessly examines the source images she works from, reworking them again and again, and exploring different or representing them through subtle variations. 523 West 24 Street New York 10011  212 243 0200. The subjects she generally chooses – oceans, night skies and deserts – are all aspects of nature that seem limitless and suggest the infinite. In 1981, first drawn East by an invitation to teach at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, she moved permanently to New York City, wanting to be closer to the artists and art that she liked. It sees Celmins return to the recurring motifs of the desert landscape and the night sky. Do you think it’s important that the images Celmins uses are factual scientific photographs which document nature? Vija Celminsartworks on eBayOriginal artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles. There was a little period where I think, in some strange, intuitive way, I sort of dealt with the memories of war. Writer and critic Dave Hickey has suggested that Celmins’s shift from using imagery of war and violence, to the ocean, desert and sky, paralleled a shift in her personal life. Around this time she was also making sculpture based on everyday functional objects. If you would like to reproduce text from a MoMA publication or, please email [email protected]. How do they look different from a photograph? I’m not a very confessional artist, you know. Draw your image onto the lino or polystyrene. Top tips: Try selecting a detail of the object or changing its size. The ocean first appeared as a subject in Celmins’s work in 1968, in a series of graphite pencil on paper drawings. After World War II, in 1948, the Church World Service relocated the family to the United States, briefly in New York City, then in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is another way of exploring three-dimensional space and scale. Does the object have any significance for you? And distance creates an opportunity to view the work more slowly and to explore your relationship to it. Photo by Tony Berlant, In works such as Untitled (Galaxy-Desert) 1974 and Alliance 1983 Celmins paired images together. More information is also available about the film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library. She later switched to using woodcuts, and then to eraser and charcoal, and added printmaking to her repertory. Our site uses technology that is not supported by your browser, so it may not work correctly. Standing at the end of the pier, the endless view of waves filled the camera’s viewfinder. The reason I think I do images that require so much time is that I feel the physical work itself lets some other thing that came through, letting something unconsciously seep through, some subtlety that my brain was not capable of figuring out …. If you would like to reproduce an image of a work of art in MoMA’s collection, or an image of a MoMA publication or archival material (including installation views, checklists, and press releases), please contact Art Resource (publication in North America) or Scala Archives (publication in all other geographic locations). Currency: USD ($) In 1962 she graduated from Herron with a BFA, and moved to Venice, Los Angeles, to pursue an MFA at the University of California at Los Angeles, graduating in 1965. The web – like the night sky and desert floor – acts as a kind of map, as it describes the picture surface. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals, discount codes, and more. Most of her images, like Web #1 1999, are painted or drawn very close to the edge of the surface she is working on and seem to extend beyond the canvas, or edges of the paper, into the space occupied by the viewer. This also gets rid of the need to compose or arrange elements within a picture. Black Hole with Reflection by Vija Francis-Celmins, October in the North Smith Bay by Vija Francis-Celmins, My Father's Heaven by Vija Francis-Celmins, Autumn in the North by Vija Francis-Celmins, Northern Sky in Late Autumn by Vija Francis-Celmins, Northern November on Smith Bay by Vija Francis-Celmins, Tenacity Keep Me Safe by Vija Francis-Celmins, Quantum Absurdity by Vija Francis-Celmins, Horace's Birthday Party by Vija Francis-Celmins, Our Secret Island I by Vija Francis-Celmins, Self-portrait My Husband and I by Vija Francis-Celmins, View from Our Secret Island by Vija Francis-Celmins, Northern White Pine by Vija Francis-Celmins, Nightmare of the Priest's Collar by Vija Francis-Celmins, Out of the Stockade for the First Time in Spring by Vija Francis-Celmins, Out of the Stockade for the First Time in Spring, Exuberance and Contentment I by Vija Francis-Celmins, Exuberance and Contentment II by Vija Francis-Celmins. For licensing motion picture film footage it is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders. A retrospective of the 1964–1966 work was organized by the Menil Collection in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2010. She now mostly lives and works in New York. Replicating those photographs in her meticulous drawings, paintings and prints, can take Celmins many days. I use an image that has a lot of associations with it, which I put in this very cold, scientific kind of no style manner that I like in my work … you know, just the facts as complicated as they are. I love my art. What do you think about Celmins’s words in relation to the images she uses as her source material and her finished artworks? Biography and art, auction, artworks, interview, statement, website: vija celmins. Charcoal can also be used to create delicate and sensitive lines and marks. Working in California in the 1960s, Vija Celmins' early work, generally in photorealistic painting and pop-inspired sculpture, was representational. What effect does this have on the subject and meaning of the images? Reality (the art) makes it stay where it is on the wall'. Nature as a theme dominates Vija Celmins's work. The spider webs are viewed at the same angle and scale as they might be in nature. Or be inspired by the social, cultural and political history of your community to create your artwork. Celmins's early object paintings, alongside her interest in scientific imagery, led to her making drawings and prints of seas, night skies and deserts. Like the desert, lunar surfaces and galaxies Celmins has explored the spider’s web repeatedly. In the sixties when artists “sold out” – as Celmins herself said – and painted soup cans, cartoons and celebrities (you know, there was a certain pop-art movement happening then, where the son of some Polish immigrants kept ending up in focus), Vija Celmins, although active in the movement, went again her own way. Discussing her early sculptural works and making specific reference to House #2 (one of her favourite pieces from the time) Celmins has said: 'I have to admit that there is a psychological component to the work.'. Vija Celmins has long been admired for her meticulous renderings of natural imagery, including ocean waves, desert floors, and night skies. By the end of the 1960s, when she first developed her all-over compositions of waves, rocks, and celestial bodies, she had set aside paint in favor of graphite and charcoal.

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