when do pomegranate trees produce fruit

My house is about five blocks from the ocean in a canyon that runs east west. Get down on your knees and using the native soil you dug from the hole, build a cone of earth in the middle of the bottom of the hole and pat it down. So I got citrus fertilizer that had other minerals in it and fertilized it at the end of May. The next day water again, filling the watering basin at least three times and letting it drain out. If that doesn’t work then, I’ll find your notes on giving her a good whopping. I will try again NEXT year adding more Nitrogen to my soil…. If you don’t prune, your tree may be fine anyway. This year I did spray for anti-fungul and trimmed its edges. As I mentioned before, pomegranate trees are pollinated by insects. Build a watering basin on the edge of the hole. Growing pomegranate in a lawn is not the best way since it may be getting too much water and nitrogen fertilizer resulting in all green growth and no flowers or fruit such as you describe. I had 5 fruits last year. So, this holiday season, we created a giving campaign for two of our favorite non-profits who are working to help put food on the tables of hungry families across the U.S. and around the world. The plant has been growing now for several year but is only about three feet tall, looks more like a bush. A certain amount of flower drop is to be expected with pomegranates. If it bears flowers in spring but no fruit, make sure there are bees to pollinate. Can you recommend a pomegranate variety that would do well in coastal CA? Deep watering less often encourages the roots to go deep and strong. I have bough an organic potting soil but would like to… I am looking forward to much better result, thanks to your advice. I looked at the flowers on my tree, and all of them appear to be male flowers. Do you have plenty of bees or not? One really should prune a pomegranate for the first three years of its life to get it to branch and put out new growth. Plant pomegranates in a hole as deep as the nursery pot and twice as wide. Would watering it once a week over the next four weeks be sufficient? – Large fruits with pale pink skin; sweet flavored flesh, hardy to zone 7. Perhaps the person who owned your property before you did was sophisticated about plant varieties. They can pierce the skin of pomegranate fruits and damage the seeds and pulp inside. My pomegranate tree has flowered and born much fruit for over 20 years. Why not plant another one away from the lawn and keep this one as a green tree? You will get bigger, better fruit. I live in the San Gabriel Valley in California. It’s in full sun in the Central Valley. Do you have any tips or remedies for my issue? Try to water to a depth of about 3 feet for trees, 2 feet for perennial bushes and shrubs, and 1 foot for annual plants. Pomegranate trees love the heat and grow well in our climate. Best. Ocean breezes may be too cooling just when a pomegranate yearns for reflected heat and warmth. Cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean region of Europe and Africa, pomegranate trees have been prized for thousands of years for their fruit, which contains scores of seeds encased in sweet, tangy pulp. Insects and hummingbirds help spread pollen from flower to flower, allowing fruit to form when conditions are right. For the reason i have a fig, rosemary, and two citrus(orange and lemon almost 40 years old). Different varieties of pomegranates begin to be ready beginning in. I don’t see any more forming. That is when you cut it back, don’t leaved any stubs. It has produced a lot of flowers, but they have all fallen on ground. But what happens when there are no pomegranates on trees and, thus, no seeds or juice to extract? Thanks for your help, Pat. 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Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Also if you had any suggestions how I could help the tree retain the pollinated fruit and stop them from falling? Peaches, plums. First, I get this beetle-type bugs that are probably the leaffooted bug. and now after reading, I realize and or found I should of been pruning her which i have not. The flowers that will bear fruit should have both male and female parts. Some of these pomegranates have pink-colored fruit instead of red. I now have hours of learning ahead of me, but already have my new skills from just this page alone! For a small tree, apply 1 ounce of granular fertilizer for every foot of tree height, working it evenly into the soil in an 18-inch circle with the tree at its center. Then the petals drop, soon after the buds…. This content is for Monthly Plan, Quarterly Plan, Bi-Annual Plan, and Yearly Plan members only. Don’t expect to begin harvesting pomegranate fruit until 3-4 years after planting. Young pomegranate trees (Punica granatum) produce scattered blossoms during their first few years, but the trees flower in earnest once they reach 3 to 4 years old. Is there any way to make it produce fruit? Cross-pollination is not required with pomegranate trees, but planting more than 1 tree (even the same type) can increase fruit set. One of the oldest cultivated fruits, there are literary references to pomegranates dating back to Old Testament times and beyond. After fertilizing and mulching water the fertilizer into the ground. The variety called ‘Wonderful’ is still the best known and most popular and it is red outside and has red seeds. Since you mention not watering in summer and living on a quarter acre so heavily overgrown that you did not even know you had a pomegranate tree, it sounds to me as if you might live in Florida, which also has a warm climate but in regard to rainfall it is almost the opposite of ours. There is even one with clear flesh inside—some people call it white. Continue Reading, Gardening Question from Debbie: I have this pot outside in my garden in a location where it receives morning shade but direct sun most all afternoon.

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