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Thank you. what about BENZOIL PEROXIDE?..does your product free from this poison..it’s a kryptonite to gouty patient. Gardenia uses ONLY 30% of the permitted amount prior to the launch of our No Artificial Preservatives bread. This is a good news for me. Dear Mr Shelton. Gardenia is considered as one of the largest bread manufacturer around the region. To produce raisin juice concentrate, no chemicals are used?. Walaubagaimanapun, jika tuan/puan ke Kuala Lumpur dan ingin membeli produk produk Gardenia, kami ada menjualnya di kedai kedai di KLIA dan LCCT. In Malaysia, the permitted amount is 2,000 parts per million (ppl). Massimo now has a vegan product. Flour, pinch of salt and water. These are served as quick "between little snacks"...tra..mezz....ini. All Gardenia products are made using unbleached flour, does this mean that for the past many years your bread are added with preservatives that are bad for us? Sihat je sampai skrg. Apart from milk, we do not use any animal base ingredients. Hi Sakura. Thank you for your interest. We would like to share that all ingredients in our product are as listed on the packaging. Faizul, our products do not contain Benzoil Peroxide. The hygienic environment of Gardenia factories contribute to the products shelf-life. This makes a 1.5 loaf.Submitted by: BBSWEETIE1525, Delicious garlic vinaigrette dressing over fresh veggies and bread cubes. Thank you. Hi, i would like to know if any of gardenia product is gluten free ? Thanks. But I just hoping you guys can say yay or nay. Pair this with a salad and you have a great pizzeria style lunch without the calories attached--or the bill.Submitted by: PUNKGIRL213, This is one of my favorite summertime sandwiches. Thank you. Thank you for taking your time to write to us to clarify the matter. If you are a fan of fresh radishes, you might like this one.Submitted by: ITERPY, Crispy Chicken NuggetsSubmitted by: FATTIBOBILATTI, Use your Crockpot or slow cooker to make this delicious bread pudding that is guilt-free! The cheese they use is not cream cheese, but that is the closest thing we can get around here. Any replacement for people with diabettes like me? Its great to know the bread now using more natural ingredients. Does ur butterscotch gardenia bread contain eggs ? 4. Can you please list out? This product is obtained by leaching the natural, water soluble components out of the raisin through a ‘stewing’ process. As for your enquiry, we do use dough conditioner, that is largely made up of Emulsifiers which are Soy and Palm base. Be assured that all our bread do not contain azodicarbonamide which is most commonly referred to as ADA. The leftovers on the shelf are either nearly expired or just expired while other type of breads are still available. About 75 percent of acetic acid made for use in the chemical industry is made by methanol carbonylation, a chemical synthesis. May I know to whom should i refer to if I want to request for your Twiggies wagon to come for our incoming event? Raisin Juice Concentrate in Gardenia bread is all natural and it is shelf-stable without additives or preservatives. Thank you for your interest in our product. Mommy Lady's Pak na Pak na Recipe: Mackerel Carbonara, List of Pre-school/Daycare in Mandaluyong and Tuition Fees, My Shopping Experience at Baby Company + October Deals, Pigeon Only Moms Breastfeeding Advocacy Campaign + Giveaway. The Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is made up of two slices of Gardenia's famous soft white bread, sandwiching a flavored spread or filling inside. We do not use calcium propionate in our bread. After the painting activity, older kids were assigned to do another role play where they act as a vegetable, fish and fruit. It makes me look forward to tomatoes getting ripe each year. For your information, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) and Gardenia Philippines are two entirely different entity with their own different management and products. As for your next question, pasteurized liquid eggs are used in our production. Just to let you know, the shelf-life of Gardenia sandwich bread is 4 days whilst some brands have 5 days shelf-life. We hope this information is helpful and you would enjoy our product. We appreciate your feedback and would keep it under consideration. hi, may i know more about the sugar contain in gardenier bread and what kind of wheat gardenior bread is made of? It contains milk and component of milk. Could you post the ingredient of the natural preservative in use now. Apart from having low GI value, our 100% WholeGrain with Canadian Purple Wheat has also high anti oxidant. Other wholesale bakeries in Malaysia are still using calcium propionate in they bread. Top gardenia bread recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from SparkRecipes.com. I wonder what it is wrong with E-numbers as they are guarantee of what it is in… with naturals..a lot of marketing! Thanks. Before the tour starts, kids watched a short video on how Gardenia baked their breads. Hi Kanes, All Gardenia breads has 0% trans fat. Hi Susanne, Submitted by: HYPATIAX, refreshing salad for the summer, or any other time.Submitted by: AIDEN6, Makes a 2-lb Loaf of yummy herb bread!Submitted by: REMINISCING, Good for you & your face too, according to a friend from England- you can of course (trim the crust) as she did!Submitted by: CD3343212, You'll score big when you bring a platter of these to your next tailgate! Thank you. I hope you enjoy also!Submitted by: CHELLSYM, Nice Quick Breakfast MealSubmitted by: WAYHAZARD, My family lOVES this recipe and it is impressive enough to serve dinner guests. Other wholesale bakeries in Malaysia are still using calcium propionate in they bread. Medyo naconcious si bagets sa part na yun kaya ako na ang gumawa. In the meantime, do enjoy our range of Gardenia wholemeal and wholegrain breads. It's retail price is ₱10.00. It would be lovely if Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd can dispensed free twiggies to the school’s children who are participating in the event. Hi Yeoh Sa Meng, izit all product of gardenia is free of artificial ingredient? We would like to share that the Gardenia white bread does not contain any egg. Fun fact: Gardenia is the first in the country to use the unique resealable and reusable plastic clip called G-lock which seals in the bread´s freshness. Hi Jasvindar, May i check which product do not have egg? Thank you. Submitted by: SPARK_RECIPES, Full ingredient & nutrition information of the, Cream Cheese and Jam French Toast Calories, Chicken Breasts, Breaded & Baked Calories, Momritz Honey Oat & Wheat Bread (bread machine 1.5pd), Momritz Honey Oat & Wheat Bread (bread machine 1.5pd) Calories, Reuben Sandwich St. Patrick's Day Leftovers, Reuben Sandwich St. Patrick's Day Leftovers Calories, angie's guilt free grilled cheese with turkey, angie's guilt free grilled cheese with turkey Calories, Turkey Bacon BLT on whole wheat Sandwich Calories, Italian Herb Bread (Bread Machine) Calories, Big Game Sandwiches (Pumpernickel Ham & Cheese), Big Game Sandwiches (Pumpernickel Ham & Cheese) Calories. Discontinued and due to what reason? - Gardenia 100% WholeGrain ( GI value – 55) Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. Thank you for your interest and concern. I hope the information is helpful and do enjoy our product. Despite the many options of low GI Gardenia bread, I wish Gardenia would bring its Breakthru back in the market. Little chefs are back in the mini-kitchen to make yummy foods using Gardenia bread and pastries. hi, for purple wheat bread, any coloring added to make the color?

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