Ever realized what happens when you take a puff? For the doer it is merely a drive that gives a good feeling. But the stark truth is that its ill-effects are widespread causing not only health concerns but also affecting the society and environment.


The dangers of smoking are quite a many, we address a few notable ones here. The most evident threat that smoking poses is the physical and psychological addiction to nicotine which one develops, urging him/her to smoke one cigarette one after another. The addiction proves to be umbilical in leading to tar related diseases like cancer, killing thousands of life and other harmful diseases. Yet other danger would be the increased level of carbon monoxide in the lungs. Consequently it reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. This demands more physical effort to be exerted from a smoker to do a task. Smoking also diminishes the health of the nonsmokers around through secondhand smoking apart from affecting the facial charm of the smoker.

Health care organizations, over the past, have been successful in bringing awareness about smoking. Laws, safety rules and precautions have been enforced by the governments worldwide to prohibit smoking in public places, thereby scaling down the devastating effects of passive smoking to almost null. Smoking ban enforces air quality standards to prevent the public from being exposed to harmful carcinogens. It also prohibits cigarette and tobacco advertisements and promotes health warnings to be printed on the packets.


Well then, how does one quit on smoking and reclaim a healthy life? To give up is not as easy as one may think and more likely one may suffer from quite a many withdrawal symptoms. The most effective and systematic method to stop smoking, tested by various studies worldwide suggest to have the will and mindset to overcome this habit. Hearing to Stop smoking tapes and CDs containing recorded audio and video motivational messages from previous smokers who have undergone harsh moments to find success in losing this habit for good may prove helpful. Also quite a number of non smoking aids are now available to save the mob from the debilitating effects of smoking. This includes nicotine gums, quit smoking pills and nicotine patches. Apart from these, a psychological therapy is also administered to mentally overcome the challenge by several rehabilitation centers.

Hi tech expensive laser treatment has also proven to be successful in reducing the crave for nicotine and is now affordable in many countries. Stop smoking laser is a technique wherein the smoker is exposed to laser in his/her wrists, hands and ears targeting specific cells aiding the production of endorphins which help in relaxing the body and reducing withdrawal symptoms. There are many other stop smoking aids to choose from.

Having heard all about smoking, its effects and quitting programs where one start from should should in his path to change? Well one must look for activities which will keep him occupied and stay away from the thought of smoking. Such atmosphere could be created by spending more time with family and friends and making them to know that you are undergoing a quitting program. They would be your motivators for such a cause and to lead a healthy life.