Sports or games of any nature, whether indoors or outdoors, are prime requirement for building the body muscles and rejuvenate human beings. They make us active, fertile, smart, disciplined and sharpens our skills. It makes the body healthy and strong. It boosts the stamina of the players.

NETBALL is one of the ball games, which is populous amongst the women world over, especially Australia, England & New Zealand etc. The roots of this amateur game are found in United States and it spread like wild fire all over the globe, through England and found favor with almost every continent world over. Netball gained immense popularity in British Commonwealth. It is played in the Olympics each four years also span being a game recognized by Olympic fraternity. Actually, Netball is byproduct of basketball game. You can get a lot of information on London Netball League on the internet.


Earlier Netball was being played indoors, then the players started playing it on the grass outdoors and the baskets were replaced with nets attached to the polls at a specific height. The ball with which the players play is made either of rubber or of the leather. It has its proper dimension, weight and circumference.   There are many variants of this game like indoor netball game and Fastnet- which is an outdoor form of game.

This game is a game of fast pace, skill and expertise, played on hard surface or indoors, within the stadium. The duration of the game is sixty minutes. The participants of the game have to run along with the ball, jump, throw it in the net and catch from their team members to make a goal to win laurels. Out of 12 players selected as a team only seven players take the field to play at a time as it a game comprised of seven players each from both the playing teams, who throw the ball into the ring tied on a pole and whosoever scores more goals, is automatically declared as the winner. Each of the players has specifically assigned position in the court, which restricts their respective movements while playing this highly skillful game. The players enthusiastically play the game. The players are supposed to maintain rapport with each other in their pursuance to win the games.


As is common in each game/sports, Netball game players too have to maintain code of conduct. They have to adhere to ethics to respect each other and fellow players, maintain cordial relations with each other, maintain healthy and congenial atmosphere, respect and obey their coaches and inculcate in them a keen desire to hone their skills. The behavior of the players towards each other has to be hospitable.

There are scores of Clubs all over the world who organize the London Netball League games and its players participate in the friendly matches. There are specific color jerseys, briefs and socks, which are to be worn by the players of each Club /team who adorn specific shade sports uniforms to differentiate the players of one team from the other team. Teams of the London Netball League have their own jerseys too.

In Australia, the women and men play together the Netball game which is called mixed gender Netball game but each player has to maintain discipline and play the game within the parameters set for the game. In this regard London Netball League is not an exception.