Steph McGovern is Pregnant

STEPH MCGOVERN, who presents BBC Breakfast on the side of Dan Walker, announced her last step away from the morning show on Twitter when she presented her flowering baby bump yesterday.

Steph McGovern, 37, who is pregnant with her first child, went to the micro-blogging site and announced a new BBC series with host Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, 54. The BBC Breakfast star showed her baby bump as she shared a series of snapshots from the River Cottage Festival in Devon. The business journalist wore a long-sleeved top that she paired with a pair of Dungarees. Steph gave her 367,000 followers an insight into her pregnancy as she beamed for the camera.

She dubbed the post: “At the @rivercottage festival in Devon, talking to @HughFW about our new @ BBCOne series coming out next year … Health and Wellbeing #EasyWaysToLiveWell #lovemyjob #bumpontour.”

Fans flocked in to comment on the post when a person said, “aw … you’re glowing! (Obv’s it’s also pretty warm, but you know what I mean …).” (Sic)

Another person commented, “Total rocking the Dungarees look!”

While a third person asked, “Does a good series sound, will you cover eating well for the menopause?”

Steph did not comment on their latest program to be aired on the BBC next year, and moreover, it will be about health and well-being.

The article claimed that radio hosts and journalists were the top jobs for psychopaths.

The article dealt with research by the Oxford psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton, who suggested if you work on the radio, you are more likely to be subject to psychopathic behavior by your colleagues.

The book titled The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killer’s Can Teach Us About Success describes the jobs that are most likely to attract psychopaths.

Journalists and media moderators took second and third place on the list.

Other in-study content likely to attract psychopaths included civil servants, police officers and lawyers.

Fans rushed to comment on the post, as one person said, “It’s an old article … I would not worry!”

Which TV shows did Steph McGovern work on?

Steph’s first taste of working at the BBC came when she was 19 years old and had a guest appearance on a program about women in science.

After this performance, Steph started working for Tomorrow es World and became a part-time researcher while studying.

The TV personality also appeared on the side of Alex Jones on the CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch, Can Britain’s A Payrise, BBC Watchdog and Shop Well For Less.

She has now made it a list of guest panelists, even after the BBC introduced a rule that there must be a female panelist appearing with Ian Hislop or Paul Merton in each episode.

Steph regularly appears at BBC Breakfast and caused a stir when she accidentally flashed her underwear while checking the newspapers.

Watchdog Live on BBC One is also led by Steph and Soph Well For Less, who is back on our screens with his latest series.

When is Shop Well for Less on TV?

The first episode of the fourth season was aired on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 20 clock on BBC1.

The one-hour program was shown weekly, with five episodes.

What did Steph McGovern say about the class and the gender pay gap?

In February 2018, Steph told the Sunday Times that her salary is barely six digits after the BBC renegotiated contracts in the aftermath of the gender pay gap devouring the corporation.

The watchdog presenter, who describes her accent as “strong and smoggy”, claimed that a manager once told her that she was “too frequent” to present the message.

She also mentioned that It’s not as easy as a gender problem, it’s somehow a matter of class, there are a couple of women doing the same job like me who are paid a hell of a lot more … who are much posher than me . “

Steph also added BBC was not doing enough was thinking about getting people from many more working class, it’s just fancy.

She did not name anyone, but the Sunday Times reported that seven out of nine women in the news category, who earn more than $ 150,000, were privately educated.

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