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Sizzling Skillet of Puaa Uahi & Pipikaula, Kalua Pig & Cabbage (Puaa Kalua Cabbage)*, Big Island Grass Fed Beef Flame Broiled Burger, Kalua Pig Quesedilla with Salsa, Guac. Everyone is friendly as I expected and the service reflects that of Waipahu - local community serving local. I said I think so...and the next thing I knew we were at Highway Inn!I felt a good vibe walking into the restaurant. While I was a fan of the kalua pork, I wasn't too fond of the poi. I noticed her not touching the pig and asked what was wrong. I assumed my husband enjoyed the sliders since he ate them all lol, I never asked how it was. Everything was delicious, especially the grilled chicken, which was very tender and had a nice sweet soy sauce on it. We won't judge. Pretty busy and I love their menu. It was about half an hour before closing so we were seated fairly quickly. My uncle’s family owns Highway Inn and I’ve been to the Waipahu location a few times but this new location will definitely be more convenient since we usually stay at the Ala Moana Hotel when visiting Oahu. They have a little parking area for a fast pick up instead of parking in the front with the gate. Location is right by Ala Moana blvd and super easy to find. Now, I'm used to Helena's amazing food and I've eaten here before which is a little more expensive so... the pipikaula isn't the authentic salted and dried meat. Or maybe they changed it to be an extra side dish there as well. Not sure if I'll come back. Poi was sour!! The food was delayed for some reason so the waiter brought us some taro chips and salsa to snack on. If you're looking for a good introduction to local Hawaiian food, look no further than Highway Inn! We also got a side of pipikaula, which is supposed to be like beef jerky, and I liked it! So I ordered the pipikaula so she could have something else to eat and leave a good taste in her mouth which it did. We were lucky enough to find parking in the complex parking lot, which allows an hour and a half of free parking with validated parking.Since we went on a weekday at about 5pm, we got there right before it started to get busy. My friend ordered a plate lunch of chicken laulau, poi, lomi salmon, sweet potato, and haupia. www.myhighwayinn.com ©2015 Highway Inn Waipahu (808) 677-4345 94-226 Leoku St. Waipahu, Hawai‘i 96789 Our Kaka‘ako (808) 954-4955 680 Ala Moana Blvd. )My eyes were larger than my belly, so I made it a super combo with a side of pipikaula!Diggin in!! The Plantation Mixed Plate is pulehu ribs, grilled chicken, and panko crusted fish. Highway Inn. Despite it's a long process to make, it's worth the wait to bite into these spicy treats. It's tender and tasty. Place beef on roasting pan rack to dry in sun or in oven at 175°F for about 5 hours. ), lomi salmon, and choice of dessert (haupia! It's a popular "pupu" or appetizer that is enjoyed during a barbecue or a casual beach gathering. I could go back for some poi right now.Now, I'm all about uplifting our local restaurants, but I have to be honest here and say this is not my favorite place for Hawaiian food. The menu is diverse and if you're not into Hawaiian food, there are other dishes you can get. She raved about the moist and flavorful chicken laulau, and I ate half her poi so I can say that yes, it is very good poi! Some people like to use a dry box to make pipikaula. We used to take the drive out to Home Depot Road back in the day when you paid in the kitchen and there was pipikaula hanging over the stove.... and in this new and "fancy" restaurant, they've still managed to keep that old time feel. The chicken was very tender, and flavorful. I've been to the other major Hawaiian restaurants in town and sadly have to say this does not measure up. Just a note, giving the current situation the front door is closed. How to Make Pipi Kaula. The dessert we wanted was also not in stock. I said really and tasted it and omg. The waitress was nice only downfall was that our drinks were not refilled. You pick up your order in the back at the takeout window.We decided to go with the Kalua Pig combo $15.95 and added pipikaula $3.95. Gather the ingredients. Awesome restaurant in Kaka'ako, Hawaii with Hawaiian and local style food! It's very bland and unless you're from here, I can't imagine someone from the mainland enjoying it. Highway Inn Waipahu will always be my hometown favorite place to go for Hawaiian food because it's close to where I live and it's one of the first places I've ever eaten Hawaiian food.BUT Highway Inn Kaka'ako is a breath of fresh air from its older counterpart. The Pipikaula was juicy but could use more seasoning. zagat rated multiple hale `aina award winning restaurant in waipahu, near honolulu. Hmm everything else was good. 2 orders of Butterfish with Stew gravy is da winnahs. If you order takeout the entrance and cash register is at the back. This visit was our first dine-in visit for this location (in Salt, Kakaako), but we've ordered take-out before. The burger was on a taro bun, which was delicious on its own. NOTE parking machine only takes card no cash. I've always love coming here. I did however take home a bread pudding and that was pretty good. Whenever I have visitors that want to try Hawaiian food, I take them here. Also, kudos to our excellent server, who kept our waters and coffee filled and was so pleasant. The meat had some fat which I'm ok with :) Made it very tasty! If you find yourself spinning plates by Tuesday evening, take the pressure off with these simple-as ever dishes. First time ever having bad Kalua pig from Highway in. My wife loves the beef stew and always orders it when we dine at Highway Inn, whether at the Waipahu location or Kakaako location. It was our first stop in Hawaii and I'm glad it was. The service was great and that was a plus! Pipi kaula is Hawaii's version of beef jerky. So, we jumped online to look at their website for the menu before calling in. I am usually at the Waipahu location. #105 Overall I'm very happy to eat here but will not be ordering the pork laulau or pipikaula again. She didn't say anything to me or to the waiter. Try the Hawaiian dishes such as Lau Lau, Kalua pork, Pipikaula, and Pulehu ribs. My son loves the fries and gravy , pretty sweet gravy. First time eating here although risking it during my lunch break, seems to be busy right now at the 1 o clock hour. PIPIKAULA |pee-pee-cow-lah| Much like beef jerky, pipi (beef) kaula (strip) was a favorite snack among paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) during long cattle drives in the 19th century. Ingredients. Lemon-Blueberry Ricotta-Buttermilk Pancakes. Love the Toguchi family, founders of the restaurant. My girlfriend ordered the Chicken Lau Lau, and she absolutely loved it! Ono/delicious!!! If u are a regular at the Waipahu location I would recommend u stick to that location!!! My kids loved there foods my dad and my husband said the food was okay. Choose a marinade and mix the ingredients for your marinade in a bowl. Make this in big batches and keep in your freezer to have ready to take along to unexpected gatherings. lomi salmon , beef stew, Kalua Pig, lau lau and side onions with Hawaiian salt.

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